Her Burning Desire

Her Burning Desire

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Chapter: 50
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Synopsis about Her Burning Desire

Melony has been told from a young age how to act, how to dress, and how to hide her emotions. Her parents have kept her off the radar most of her life. Melony, though, has a desire to be more than what she has been taught. When she finds out she is mated to the fiercest Alpha of their kind, Alpha Theodore Nix, will she be able to live out her desires or be expected to keep up the act her mother has taught her so well to do? Secrets that have been hidden for a long time will finally come to light, and when they do will Melony stand a chance at survival? Will her mate have her back? or will the desires burn her to the ground? ........................................................................................... “MATE!” rumbled from deep inside of him. I panicked. At the same time I heard a gasp from all around me. My brain started to kick into gear and instantly I knew I had to flee. I released myself from my mother's grip, turned quickly on my feet and ran. I needed a moment, just a little bit of time to go over everything in my head that was happening. Olive is mated to Todd, Todd is the Beta of Alpha Theodore. Alpha Theodore is my mate, He is also the most fearsome and strongest Alpha in the entire nation. My fathers words from the week prior kept playing in my mind. "I feel sorry for whoever has to be mated to that man." When I left my house this evening and arrived here, I knew the chance of me finding my mate tonight. Heck, that is exactly why this party was held. For the unmated to find their mates. I’m not opposed to having a mate. I even love the idea of having one. Having someone that is created exactly for you, the balance you can bring to each other, and the desires that you share. BUT him?! I had to be mated to the fiercest, strongest, and strictest werewolf of our kind?? I am mated to Alpha Theodore Nix of the Blood Moon Pack?! 18++ S***al Content.
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