Chapter 6 - Her Burning Desire


I made it up to my room, and Theodore gave his instructions and left quickly.

Harper, are you sure this is worth it? Did you see the look on his face when looking at me? It is full of disappointment.

Maybe he is struggling just the same way you are. Let's give it some time and then we can put our plan into place. We don't have your mother breathing down your neck here any more. This is a fresh start for us also. To be ourselves.

Harper was reminding me of the plan we made, and the fact my mother had always planned my life out for me. I enjoyed most of it. Don't get me wrong. I just didn't always want to be the innocent, southern belle that she had planned for me. Harper is right. Lets get through tonight and tomorrow we can put our plan into action. I will have the big bad Alpha eating from the palm of my hand.

I went into the bathroom and stripped off my dress. My boxes still haven't arrived, so I will just sleep in my undergarments tonight. I stepped out of the bathroom and quickly jumped into bed. I lay under the blanket, staring up at the ceiling just thinking about all the events of the night until a deep slumber took over my body.

I woke up when I heard the knocking outside my bedroom door. I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep with the pillow over my head, until I heard the gruff voice on the other side of the door start to get impatient. "What do you mean she isn't answering the door?! These boxes can't just block my hallway all day! Watch out, I will use my spare key." I threw the pillow off my face and jumped to a sitting position on my bed, realizing that it was the sounds of my mate making his merry way into my room. The door handle jiggled once and then it flew open. My eyes quickly snapped in the direction of the door and was staring that fine specimen before me. He was wearing dark washed jeans and a white t-shirt that did absolutely nothing to hide the muscular chest beneath it. When I looked into his deep blue eyes I saw all the urgency held there, then they started to turn black with lust; probably his wolf. I was hooked for a moment until I realized I was only wearing my bra and panties from the night before. Startled I grabbed the white cotton comforter and pulled it up to my neck.

In one swift movement, Theodore grabbed the workers moving my boxes into the room by the collars of their shirts and threw them out the door, while turning it and slamming it shut. I could hear him mumbling to himself with a few deep breathes. While his forehead was leaned on the door and once hand rubbing the back of his neck.

When he finally turned around I was looking at the ocean eyes of Theodore again. He swiftly made his way to my bed and glared at me. "As soon as you get around, Olive is requesting your company down stairs in the sitting room. I have some business to take care of today and won't be available until dinner. Please stay in the pack house since we haven't introduced you to everyone yet. My Gamma Mark will keep an eye on you today, if you need something inform him and he can link me." He moved to the door now and with one hand on the knob he turned back around, "and Melony, please put some clothes on. I can't have my Omegas walking around here talking about seeing their Luna naked." with a flick of his wrist he was out the door without giving me a chance to even respond.

"UGHH!" I threw myself back on the bed and was flustered with the entire interaction. Luna? He called me their Luna. Kind of funny because in order for me to be their Luna that means he has to accept me as his mate. He hasn't even so much as given me the time of day for that to happen.

I decided Olive is exactly what I needed right now. I would tell her everything and she could help me with the plan Harper and I came up with. I threw my feet over the side of the bed and made my way to my boxes. I would come back later to put them all away. I finally settled on a light yellow summer dress that flowed down to my knees. It was simple and innocent. Just as the Alpha suspected.

I quickly removed my make-up from last night and pulled my hair into a high pony. I made my way to the door and jumped back startled when I opened it. A guy with dark brown eyes, shaggy blonde hair, and standing about 6'1'' was on the other side of it. Once his lips quirked up on the sides, giving me a smile, I was able to put myself back together.

"I am assuming you are the keeper of the Luna, Mark." it wasn't much of a question as I was stating it with my arms crossed against my chest.

Reaching his hand forward, "I don't know about the keeper of the Luna, I'm sure Theo would have something to say about that. Think of me more as a body guard." I shook his hand and gave a firm nod.

I started down the hall to the stairs and as I was at the top I could hear my bubbly best friend. I need her right now. I took the steps two at a time and followed her voice. Once she was in my sight, I launched myself on her and held on for dear life. I needed her embrace right now. I leaned back on my heels and looked over her, making sure she was okay. Her body seemed to be in tact, and her auburn hair seemed to be perfect as always. When I looked over her face, she seemed.... happy. The chocolate brown eyes I looked into shined brightly with happiness. I pulled her in for another long hug and took a deep breath that I had been holding. Then I noticed it. Her scent. It was off. I scrunched up my nose and took a step back, looking over her. Before she smelled of roses and champagne, now there was a hint of spice? Spice and... caramel?

"Olive, you smell off. Different."

"Well, I did meet Todd last night. Lets just say we hit it off so well...and we decided not to wait." she was talking as she pulled the collar of her shirt down slightly around her neck, showing off the spot where she now wears Todd's mark. I let out a little gasp. Olive grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the large lounging area. She sat me down on the sofa and looked directly into my eyes.

"Melony, I know this may seem fast, but that is usually how it goes for mates. I remember my mom telling me her and my dad accepted each other instantly and she was marked within 2 hours of meeting him. I know you like to take your time and plan things out, but I didn't. I love Todd and he loves me. We have the same goals and want out of this life. We fell for each other instantly. I am very happy to be wearing his mark. I don't regret anything, so please don't sit here and regret it for me yourself." she gave my hand a light squeeze, making me realize that the emotions I was holding onto weren't for Olive. It was for me. My mate. I was actually truly happy for Olive, she deserves every ounce of happiness she receives. I planted a smile on my face and nodded my head at her. She then continued to talk.

"Okay Mel, now dish. Tell me everything about the handsome Alpha that is yours. How was your night? Did you guys get all hot and steamy?" she wiggled her eyebrows up and down at me. I decided I wasn't going to lie to Olive. I told her everything. I explained what happened when he chased after me at the ball. I told her about the car ride home. How he basically told me I wasn't Luna material or powerful enough to be his mate. I told her about our interaction this morning. I didn't hold anything back. Finishing the conversation, I even told her about the plan I made with Harper. I wasn't going to hold back on who I was anymore. I would show him exactly how powerful I can be and make him eat every word that he spoke to me that night.

Olive just looked at me with her jaw dropped and her eyes as big as saucers. I reached over and closed her mouth for her.

"I know it's a lot, Olive, heck, I have a hard time believing it all myself. But if I am going to do this and do it right, I will need your help. Are you in?"

She grabbed my hand and headed to my bedroom. Once we hit the stairs, she looked at me over her shoulder and said, "Without a doubt I am in."