Chapter 5 - Her Burning Desire


I leaned my head back against the seat on the car ride home and thought back on the events of this evening.

When my Beta, Todd and I had arrived at Redwood Pack that evening I couldn't get my wolf Jackson to calm down. He knew she was here. My mate. I really didn't want to attend tonight but my father had told me it would be good to keep up appearances and make nice with our Allies. He also scolded me again how the pack needed a Luna and I would be an even stronger Alpha with my mate on my side. Pfff! He was delirious. I am 28 years old, I have pretty much come accustomed to the idea of not having a mate. I liked being on my own. Everyone was scared of me and rightfully so. I was strong, and fierce. I was okay if surrounding packs were terrified of me. That means less chance of an attack on my pack. I have seen what mates can do to you. They make you weak. I can’t weaken my pack. I have watched some of my strongest warriors fall apart and crumble in the hands of their mate. I am Alpha of the largest pack in our nation, I can't crumble and come undone for a mate. That leaves to much risk.

I do have to admit a part of me was starting to long for someone though. I would have to produce an heir for Blood Moon at some point. If I did find my mate I can only hope she is a powerful she-wolf. She doesn't need to be clingy or dependent on me. I wouldn't have to be so concerned about her safety and her feelings all the time. We both would take care of our business during the day and then take care of each others needs at night. That's it. I mean I am a man that has needs after all. Most people find their mates by the age of 21, I couldn't save myself forever. I have had my fair share of she-wolves. Never going with the same person twice so no attachment could start to form. I may not have saved myself but I always made sure I was careful and safe, to protect my pack and family from any negative lash-back.

I had followed Todd into the entrance of the ballroom. After taking a good look around I do have to admit the Luna and Alpha can throw together a pretty good party, the ball room was stunning. We decided to go find the bar first then we would approach the Alpha. He has been hounding me for an alliance anyways, I guess I can pass my time by discussing details with him. As I was grabbing my second flute of champagne I noticed Todd's eyes bulge out from his head, his nose was sniffing around up in the air as if he were trying to track something down. Eventually a cute younger girl landed in front of us with the same look on her face, but instead of the shocked look like Todd had; she squealed. She freaking squealed.

"Ekkkk!!! Mate!!" she launched herself at Todd who was very careful in catching her. He curled into her neck, taking in her scent. When he pulled back he wore the biggest smile he could produce. Before he could even get a word in his chatty mate started again. "I am Olive. Olive Peer. I grew up here at Redwood. I love shopping and all things fashion. I have a best friend, her name is Melony. She is innocent and shy compared to me, but we bring the best out in each other. I just love her so much. I have to Introduce you to her! She will be so happy for me!" she finished while jumping up and down all giddy.

I returned my attention to Todd and just C**ked an eyebrow at him. Todd shrugged and then got the attention of his mate again. "Well Olive, aren't I just lucky to have the most beautiful girl of the night as my mate." He kissed the top of her hand, "My name is Todd Holmes. I am the Beta to the Blood Moon Pack, and to Alpha Theodore Nix." He finished with a wave of his hand in my direction. I smirked as I took a look at Olives reaction. Now it was her turn to be shocked. She quickly recovered and stepped in front of me to bow slightly and bare her neck in submission. As she stepped closer, I got a short quick wif of a very pleasing scent. It was coming from Olive but it wasn't her. It was making Jackson go nuts.

Theodore, find that scent! We need to figure out what it is! Jackson demanded.

Before I could even speak Olive had Todd by the hand and was dragging him across the room to go find her friend Melony that she speaks of. I decided to follow and on my route I would look for the Alpha and Luna here. I have done a little research before coming. Alpha and Luna run a very lenient pack, they have 1 daughter, Ashley. His Beta Fredrick has been by his since they were kids and he and his wife Kate have 1 daughter: Melony Tucker. On paper their daughter has done very well. In 3 long strides I had caught up with Todd. It seems we were headed to the head table of the ballroom. Something was off though, as I got closer the amazing smell from earlier hit my nostrils. Every step we were taking the smell was stronger. It smelled of vanilla and strawberries. Mmmm.

Mate! That smell is our mate! Mate, mate, mate. Jackson was trying to claw his way out to get her, but I still haven't gotten to her yet, I need to see which one is her around here.

Suddenly we stopped walking and I slightly bumped into the back of Todd. I could hear Olive spouting her nonsense in the distant of my hearing, "This is Melony, her parents Beta Fredrick, and Kate..." Then all of my hearing shut off, and the beauty before us started to turn around to face us. She was gorgeous. Her Brown waves that flowed like a river down her back. Her skin looked like it had been perfectly kissed by the sun. Her dress did wonders for her body. Her body.. her perfect lucious mounds perked up at the top of her dress, her ass that was perfectly plumped up from the heels she wore, and she had legs for days. That I could picture wrapped around me. Looking back up to meet her face, she had the most perfect button nose, and glossy juicy lips that I wanted to devour. what nonsense am I even thinking right now. But what got me was those eyes. Her eyes were beautiful, they were a greenish-blue that sparkled in the light, and they were staring directly at me. She seemed to snap out of it some when she shook hands with Todd introducing herself, which caused Jackson to let out a hefty growl.

MINE! Jackson claimed, getting jealous that Todd was touching what was ours. .

I made my way around Todd and Olive, and as I approached Melony I noticed the grip her mother had on her arm. I tried to be gentle as I reached up and ran my thumb along the side of her cheek. Shocks of electricity, and tingles following everywhere our skin met. I let the word "MATE" vibrate out of me. One minute her eyes were looking at me in lust, and the next minute they turned into that of shock or panic, before I could do anything else she turned on her heel and ran. SHE RAN FROM ME.

Knowing it wouldn't be hard to track her down, I quickly gave my introduction to her parents and the Alpha and Luna. I explained that now that I found my mate I would be leaving the party and Melony would be coming back with me. She would need to pack her things. Before I turned away to chase my mate, I instructed Todd to take Olive to her room and pack her things. We needed to be out of here in 2 hours.

I ran out of there and followed the scent of my mate, Once I found her out the front doors of the pack house I slowed down. It seemed as she was having an internal battle with herself. Maybe I needed to take a minute also.

I just met this girl and I was turning into putty. I knew I needed her with me, but she was so innocent and simple. This is not how I wanted my mate to be. I would have to make sure she was protected constantly but I didn't have to sit and worry about her day and night. Being one of the strongest packs in the nation is extremely nice and has it perks, but that also means I have a lot of enemies. Making my decision, I would keep my distance from her as much as I possibly could, any enemies would think I didn't really care about her and would stay away from her.

But Theo we need our mate, look at her, she is gorgeous. The most perfect Luna. Jackson was whimpering now.

I couldn't listen to him, I can’t count on Melony to protect herself, She was just to pure. The safest thing for her right now is to make sure she keeps her distance from us.

Now we’re in the car and just arrived at my packs land. I glanced over at Melony and she was resting her head on the window, looking anywhere but at me. I wanted to grab her and hold her, I wanted to feel those sparks all over my body from her touch. I just couldn't let that happen though, I made my decision even if it was a hard one. We stepped out of the car and I was leading her up to the Alpha floor of the pack house. Before arriving I quickly mind linked our maids to make sure they had the room next to mine ready for Melony's arrival. Even if I wanted her in my room with me, I knew I couldn't let that happen. At least the room next to mine is close enough for me to keep an eye on her.

"This is your room. My room is next door incase of an emergency. You have a bathroom in there along with some furniture so you should be pretty comfortable. I will have someone bring your things up before long. In the morning, I will have someone bring you breakfast up and then I will introduce you to the pack at dinner. Please, get some rest." I went to leave the room and before doing so I took another look at the gorgeous woman before me. I quickly shut myself off and made it out of the room before I changed my mind on everything.

This is going to be a wild ride.