Chapter 4 - Her Burning Desire

“MATE!” rumbled from deep inside of him. I panicked. At the same time I heard a gasp from all around me. My brain started to kick into gear and instantly I knew I had to flee. I released myself from my mother's grip, turned quickly on my feet and ran.

I needed a moment, just a little bit of time to go over everything in my head that was happening. Olive is mated to Todd, Todd is the Beta of Alpha Theodore. Alpha Theodore is my mate, He is also the most fearsome and strongest Alpha in the entire nation. My fathers words from the week prior kept playing in my mind. "I feel sorry for whoever has to be mated to that man."

When I left my house this evening and arrived here, I knew the chance of me finding my mate tonight. Heck, that is exactly why this party was held. For the unmated to find their mates.

I’m not opposed to having a mate. I even love the idea of having one. Having someone that is created exactly for you, the balance you can bring to each other, and the desires that you share. BUT him?! I had to be mated to the fiercest, strongest, and strictest werewolf of our kind?? I am mated to Alpha Theodore Nix of the Blood Moon Pack?!

Mel you need to turn back, we have to run back to mate. We need mate. Please stop running. Harper whimpered.

Harper you know who that man is.. I don't know if we should go back to him, you have heard all the rumors. I pleaded with her.

Mate won't hurt us. His wolf told me he won't hurt us. Now I felt terrible, I wasn't just running from my mate but I was tearing Harper away from her mate.

I weighed my options. I could reject him, then we both would be miserable while we slowly weaken our wolves until they die of heartbreak. Or I could suck it up and give this the best shot I have. I will be the most prim and proper of ladies like my mother taught me, and possibly see if we share any of those deep desires that burn within me.

Just as I made my decision and was turning around to head back to the party, I came to an abrupt stop. Bumping into the hard chest in front of me, I looked into the eyes of Alpha Theodore.

I let out a little gasp, "Mate.."

"Yes, I said that earlier but instead of acknowledging me you decided to fleet way out here instead." There was harshness to his voice that I didn't understand.

I wanted to tell him to kick rocks I don't need to be talked down upon, but instead I just stayed silent and looked down. at my feet. I suppose I probably caused a ruckus back at the ball. Not only making him worry but also my parents. Worry? Is that what he was? I can't say honestly, he is giving me many mixed emotions. Lust, panic, anger, but something else was there, disappointment.

He roughly grabbed my hand, "Come on we need to head back so you can pack your things, we are leaving within the next 2 hours."

"Why?!" I shouted. "Why are we leaving so soon, we just met, actually I met you but do you even know my name?! I need to talk to my parents, I need to pack my things and say my goodbyes, I can't do that in 2 hours!"

"Yes Melony Tucker, I know exactly who you are, your the daughter of Beta Fredrick Tucker and Beta Female Kate Tucker. You volunteer for many organizations and graduated head of your class. On paper you are fantastic. We will stop by the party and say your good byes to your parents. After that you can go and pack up your things and we will leave. I came here to find my mate and did just that. Now it is time for me to leave to get back to my Alpha duties. With that being said, Lets go. Now." It wasn't a questions or even a suggestion. It was a demand. This is what I was being told to do and having made my decision earlier for Harper and myself, I just followed slightly behind Theodore as he dragged me back to the ballroom.

It was hard goodbye to my parents. My father swore up and down that if I wasn't happy I just needed to call and he would do everything he could to get me back home. My mother was caught between being happy I found a mate but upset because of who it was. More then anything they were both just scared for me, that all the rumors they have heard could potentially be true. A part of me was scared also, the other part of me was confident that I would be just fine. It took me about an hour for me to pack all my things. Not really having much that I needed to take anyway before I found myself descending the stairs and moving toward the handsome man I now knew as my mate.

Once I reached the bottom of the stairs I heard a big squeal, and I knew that sounds better then anyone. I turned around before Melony landed right into my arms. "Mel, can you believe it?! We found our mates! We also don't have to worry about being separated because we are going to the same place!! I got myself the beta while you got yourself the big, bad Alpha! I can't believe it!" she jumped up and down, pulling my arms with her.

Just then Theodore pulled me behind him and glared at Olive. "Do you mind not yanking on my mate. I would prefer if her limbs stayed attached to her body." Olive dropped her head and bared her neck in submission with a pleased look from my mate.

I just huffed and walked out to the car. Once I was seated I leaned my head against the window just wondering what I got myself into.

It's okay Mel, things will get better, I promise. He has to love us, we are mates! Harper sang.

I just gave her a smile and hoped what she says is true. I guess if Olive is with me on this journey also then things couldn't be so terrible. I at least had one friend already in the territory that we were headed to known as the Blood Moon Pack.

Theodore got into the car and as the door shut, I heard a big huff spout out from him. I raised my head looking over my shoulder at him as he was loosening his tie, and mumbling to himself things that I Couldn't understand. He seemed to relax back in the seat some and glanced over at me. With a quick nod to the driver, he turned his attention back to me, "I know you really don't want to be here, I can feel the disappointment radiating off of you, just as well you can feel it from me. I never really wanted a mate and if I had to have one I was hoping for a little more... ummm.. fire, I suppose you could say then what the moon goddess has given me. Sure a Luna is filled with pleasantries and kindness, but they also need a fire behind them. authority and someone that radiates power, not rainbows. Lets get to the pack house and try to make the best of this for now." He rested his head back into the seat, with the long tendrils from the top of his head falling over the top of his forehead.

I don't even know how to take what he said, I am fuming, and hurt by his words. How could he feel that way toward his mate. Even sitting next to him with everything that has happened this evening I still feel a pull to him, I want to touch him to feel those sparks again, his scent of pine and rain just circulates around the care driving my nervous system crazy. He thinks that low of me as a Luna and mate?! That is fine, two can play his game. My mother did teach me well after all on how to be a lady, I will let him keep his assumptions for now, and when I feel it is the right time.. I will show him exactly what radiating power feels like. I can feel it within me and I know Harper feels it too.

We will have our mate eating his own words Mel. I know we have it in us. Let us play his game for now. But you should know his wolf Jackson has already accepted us the way we are, he has been battling with Theodore on this all night. Harper spoke to me.

At least she and her mate were seeing eye to eye on things and had accepted each other. Quite frankly, Theodore doesn't have to accept me if he wishes, BUT I will have him eating his own words by the end of it just as Harper had said.

Just as the care was pulling up to the massive white brick mansion, which I assumed was the pack house and my new home, I gave myself quick nod in agreement.

Come on Harper, let's play his game. Better than him.