Chapter 7 - Her Burning Desire


I slammed Melony's door shut and gave a deathly glare at every male Omega standing in the hall. In our link I quickly threatened to remove their eyeballs if they even glanced at Melony again while she is in the state she is. I pounded my feet all the way down the hall to my office door where I had Todd waiting for me. On my way there, I tried to calm myself down a little more. Damn her. She looked like a little temptress back there. When I met the beautiful green-blue irises, I couldn't help but take in the rest of her appearance. I was hoping that she was already awake and dressed. When I noticed she was only in her white strapless bra with the perfect lumps it supported about to topple out, and the white lace panties peaking out the side of the blanket that showed her perfect full hips. It took everything I had to try and hold Jackson back. He wanted out. He wanted our mate right then to mark her and give her our own personal seal. Once Jackson and mysel