Chapter 8 - Her Burning Desire


Olive and I descended the stairs with our arms linked together. When we got to the bottom of them, I could smell him before I even saw him. Pine and rain hit me smack in the face, making Harper let out a slight purr. We turned left to head to the dining area and lost my breath for a minute. I spotted him before he could see me. He looked absolutely delicious tonight. He had on tight black jeans that made his legs look like tree trucks. A white v-neck shirt that hugged all his muscles. Shaking myself from all these feelings, I proceeded forward. Olive released my arm so she could go and jump into Todd's. As if Theodore knew I was approaching, and turned around carefully. Once his eyes settled on me, you could see the shock and lust written all over his face. His mouth hung slightly open, his eyes were flicking between blue and black. Which only meant Jackson was trying to come out. I slowly made my way to them and just walked right past him. Behind me I could