Chapter 9 - Her Burning Desire


After, I chased Melony up to her room to figure out why she acted the way she did. I wasn't expecting everything else to unfold the way it had. I was honest, brutally honest with her about my feelings. I had expected her to cry or just ignore me after that. Deep down I knew I didn't want to hurt her feelings, I would do anything for this girl if she asked. When I saw her approaching the dining room this evening it all my willpower to keep Jackson detained. He wanted to pounce on her perfect body and ravish it all night long. Her attire was definitely different from the sundresses and blouses that she usually wore. She looked like a little temptress. My temptress.

After I had told her my feelings in her room, she didn't cry or ignore me. She had me shoved up against her door in the blink of an eye. I have never seen anyone move so fast in my entire life. As werewolves we are usually pretty quick, but not that quick. With her hand on my chest