Chapter 1 - Her Burning Desire

“MATE!” rumbled from deep inside of him. I panicked. I released myself from my mother's grip, turned quickly on my feet and ran. I needed a moment, just a little bit of time to go over everything that just happened.

When I left my house this evening and arrived here, I knew the chance of this happening. Heck, that is exactly why this party was held. For the unmated to have a better chance of finding their mates.

I’m not opposed to having a mate. I even love the idea of having one. Having someone that is created exactly for you, the balance you can bring to each other, and the desires that you share. BUT him?! I had to be mated to the fiercest, strongest, and strictest werewolf of our kind?? I am mated to Alpha Theodore Nix of the Blood Moon Pack?!

I weighed my options. I could reject him, then we both would be miserable while we slowly weaken our wolves until they die of heartbreak. Or I could suck it up and give this the best shot I have. I will be the most prim and proper of ladies like my mother taught me, and possibly see if we share any of those deep desires that burn within me.

Just as I made my decision and was turning around to head back to the party, I came to an abrupt stop. Bumping into the hard chest in front of me, I looked into the eyes of Alpha Theodore, my mate.

This is going to be a wild ride.


“Melony Lynn!! I will not repeat myself again, you need to get down here so we can leave!” my mother had yelled at me for the 3rd time in the last half hour through our mindlink.

Knowing the tone she was using, and going to the privacy that the link provided, I knew it was best not to avoid her anymore.

I quickly linked back, “I will be down in a moment mother.” Using the most innocent voice I could muster.

I loved going shopping and spending time with my mother, I loved parties and dressing up. It was this party specifically that had me on edge. It was my pack, The Redwood Pack, that was holding the Annual Mating Ball for the unmated werewolves in our country this year. Anyone of age to find their mate must be in attendance, unless a valid reason is presented not to.

I want to find my mate, I really do. I want someone to love unconditionally, and love me the same. I want pups, and to grow old with someone. I just wasn’t sure if I would find that. It is much harder these days to find your true mate. More and more people were taking chosen mates. I don't know if I would be able to find someone that could accept me for who I truly am.

I am the daughter of the Beta of Redwood. If I were to find my mate, they would be of equal or higher status. I have spent all my life being the perfect lady as my mother has taught me, so I wouldn’t ever have to worry about being rejected for not being "normal". Not that it really took much on her end. I love helping others and making them smile. I didn't have to pretend to be innocent, because I was. I volunteered at our local orphanage, I would stop by the soup kitchen on holidays and help the surrounding communities. When I graduated high school last year, I did it with honors. I always made sure my appearance never negatively affected our reputation by wearing simple summer dresses and blouses and never leaving anything exposed. I let my mom dress me until I was 13 just to make her happy.

Even though all of this is true, I still had something inside of me that I kept hidden. I was innocent to everyone around me, but the desires that burned within me were trouble. I wanted to be worshiped and also I wanted to dominate. I am pure, and have kept myself for my mate. But just because my body is pure does not mean my mind is.

For a while, I felt having this dominating power inside of me was wrong. I felt everything my mother had taught me about being a lady, I was going against it and I would be shunned. I always felt I was meant for more, more than just planning parties, decorating, menu planning and household chores. I feel it in my bones every day, so does my wolf Harper, but if we let it show, then I wouldn’t be a normal beta-female or possibly a normal luna. I would be rejected. I can’t let that happen and I won’t let that happen. I will just keep burrowing it. Even if I want a mate, I can hide my true self better if I don't ever find him.

As I walk down the stairs to leave the house side by side with my mother, my phone pings with a text message from my best friend Olive.

Hey girl! Spa day is set for 1pm. I will be over then!

I didn’t reply back as I knew she would be here no matter what; exactly when she said she would be, even if I argued. Ugh! I just had to get the dress shopping over with first.

My mother and I spent about 2 hours at our local mall shopping for a dress for each of us. My parents will be attending the ball tonight just because of their status. Since Redwood is hosting, the Alpha and Luna are requesting my parents to be present also, because dad is their Beta.

My mom found a lovely lavender dress that flowed loosely but elegantly down her body. She absolutely loved it. I had a difficult time trying to find something that would look just as elegant on me. My mom was around 5'6", and very slender. She has the most delicate complexion, with her honey blonde hair. I was the complete opposite.

I was 5'10" in height. My complexion was more of a olive color versus her paler one. I had lighter brownish hair, and my greenish/blue eyes compared to her hazel ones. I was not as slender as she was, unfortunately. Most werewomen were very slim with some toned muscle. I wasn't fat, but I had a very perky chest supporting a C-cup, I had a flat stomach but my butt was very plumped. My legs were very proportional to the rest of my body and were nicely toned. I never really cared about my physical properties. I loved that I was different to everyone else, but now with the secrets I hide and knowing I could find my mate very soon, I can't help but be a little terrified that he won't appreciate my appearance as much as me.

"Melony if you do not get this dress I think both you and your wolf will be very disappointed later." my mother spoke outside of the dressing room.

Mel we look delicious, we have to wear this tonight. My wolf, Harper said while beaming at me.

Harper, are you sure? I mean this shows off everything about us, what if our mate is there tonight? All of my assets that aren't common will be on full display! I asked her questioningly.

Stop over thinking things and just get the dang dress you crazed woman! Harper yelled this time.

I stopped and turned to look at myself in the mirror again.

This dress was a shiny white and very form-fitting, showing off all my curves. The neck of the dress cut down further then anything I had worn before, showing off the tops of my perky mounds. The back of the dress dipped down about 3 inches from the bottom of my back, and the right side of my dress had a slit that went up to my lower thigh. Although I loved how this dress felt and looked on me, I couldn't help but be taken back at the thought my mother found it just as perfect. Always telling me to make sure I cover myself up and not to show anything off. But if she liked it, so be it. I loved it and did find it absolutely perfect.

I carefully took the dress off and hung it back on the hanger. As I walked out of the dressing room my mother very excitedly clapped her hands at me and squealed.

"Oh honey! I am so stinking happy you chose to get this!! You are going to set a fire to your mate inside and out! Your father might not be to thrilled about it but he will just have to accept that his little girl is growing up."

Mother was still talking as she took the dress up to the counter, but I slowly started to drift off into my own thoughts about finding my mate, and then my heart beat started to quicken and Harper started to dance around in my mind at the idea of it. My mother noticed the uncomfortable look I was wearing on my face and gently stroked my hair behind my ear and patted my arm while saying,

"Darling, he will love you, no matter what, you were created just for him as he was created for you. Don't worry about it. We have prepared for this day forever."

What she is saying is true we have prepared for this day forever, and I should just relax a little bit. I will at least get enjoyment out of the pampering. I mean after all there is still a chance I might not even find him tonight.

After calming down a bit, mother took me to get my hair spruced up some as she called it. I hardly ever cut my hair, its light brown waves fell down below my butt and had never even thought about getting it colored as I just thought it was completely unnecessary.

I ended up cutting about 8 inches off my hair and it now fell about three quarters of the way down my back which was still pretty long. it gave my hair more volume also. Mother convinced me to get come color added into it so I just went with some low lights bringing the browns of my hair out more and looking like the sun had perfectly kissed my head.

It was reaching almost 1:00 when we left the salon as we were heading back to the pack house. If I didn't get there soon I knew I would be facing the wrath of Olive and to be honest, I just didn't want to deal with that today.