A Moment in Time - Descending in Darksness

A Moment in Time - Descending in Darksness

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Chapter: 62
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Synopsis about A Moment in Time - Descending in Darksness

Even now, the Um-Mu cult grows, being Selenian as an observer, being a high-grade priest, he plays with the hidden beings of the multiverse, gains many allies and observes the planets...The priest is adding more followers to worship, and watching and traveling through the multiverse, going back in time to creating conspiracies and seeing some futures.At the same time, she had this idea, at one point in time everything changed.Starting in battle with the dark versions of the dark multiverse, what she found was a version of her, Nix Delphos when he started the idea, she had a plan, that plan didn't involve being married to Panther Woman.Nix had between a Darkness start to conspire, discover secrets, investigate all together, come to terms, we have a plan, a problem with a New God, he has plans and conspiracies, starting in relationship involved, Darkness to like Nix, get involved, discover between conspiracies, and the control of the multiverse, an ancient religion, to the point that there is no turning back and no return, descends into the darkness of desire.
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