Chapter 3 - A Moment in Time - Descending in Darksness

Where since then, when Selenian was next, calculating knowledge about these structures, where his studies grew with the power and influence of the power of the Zarathanis religion.

The influence of the power of the Zarathanis traditions, in which Selenian had a power and brought the influence and control of the universe which in the power of the Zarathanis priests grew exponentially, enabling the priests to expand their power.

Then the priests were able to understand the influence and power to increasingly the properties of galaxies, how they form and how they evolve over billions of years, in the midst of galactic commerce.

Heading to the Andromeda galaxy between the planets of Mesadinun which the priest Selenian calculated the distance, determining the existence of galaxies other than those known to probe and look for new followers and allies.

Even though it is now well known that galaxies are, on average, moving away from each other due to cosmic expansion. How is it possible, then, for two galaxies to collide?

This is because some galaxies, while waiting for the beast to eat, especially those that are in environments such as groups and clusters, are not separated by very large distances from each other when compared to their individual sizes.

The problem that the Ausonimus galaxy, in turn, lost the chance to unite, involved in a war of the galaxies, the planets were destroyed by the power of the Ausonimus galaxy that was left without inhabitants, now its few refugees wander through space in search for a planet to make his own.

These peoples were excluded from the rest of the other planets and galaxies.

With the explosions of the galaxies, the end of each planet was due to the end of the galaxies, forming small asteroids, called Ausonia, that roamed the rest of the universe outside.

One of the implications of this is that the effect of gravity between them is greater than the effect caused by the expansion of the Universe that comes with the intervention of the beast of the end. civilizations, some did not arrive in time, finally arrived at their end.

Since what, were not saved and consequently not bringing renewal.

The explosions and the end when they collide, this makes being the witnesses, seeing beyond Selenian's knowledge, and his colleague Dormamus, who would occasionally join him, being witnesses that two galaxies gravitationally interact with each other, that they collide causing the demise of other nearby galaxies.

With these interactions, they provoke close encounters between them and, at times, make them collide with each other and merge completely, in a true "cosmic dance".

The moment in time

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