Chapter 4 - A Moment in Time - Descending in Darksness

Nix had to save the world, sometimes he expected Felicity to be relatively well at the mansion, or looking at the cave, but that's not what she found...

When she arrested those villains, tied towards the police station, arriving at the cave with the dragon-mobile...

Dragon Woman was the terror of the night.

The Dark Amazon.

Eduard was waiting for her.

- There's a problem, miss. – Said her faithful butler, she had barely arrived from a mission to rescue Kara from Akropolis, she felt guilty, and wanted to talk to the butler, but the air of question made him stop and stop his thoughts and guilt.

- What there was? – She questioned.

- Felicity was arrested. - Eduard said, she realized that by the air of the word.

- Because Felicity was arrested...? – Nixty Selenity Delphos questioned walking towards his old friend.

- She was stealing. - Said Eduard.

- Which? – That was the worst...

Nixty Selenity Delphos was at the police station, a few hours later, she asked to enter the interrogation room, hours after she was released.

Being able to say that what the police did not do, Nixty Selenity Delphos did, without being guilty of domestic violence of aggression against women, much less femicide, she had Amasteus by her side, making it clear that nothing she did would leave there.

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