Chapter 5 - A Moment in Time - Descending in Darksness

Amazingly, they will testify against her, all for a witch hunt, hooded thieves.

Lessening their penalty, wearing her as if they knew the mastermind of the biggest diamond in the world, and the British crown jewels, that she was the mastermind of the crime.

According to her, she should not be caught, which at that time, she wore a panther outfit, to differentiate from Cat Woman, as if another cat outfit with electric weapons was a big change, which did not prevent her from being unmasked in the Final.

Which was a good thing, it would be a problem if they stayed married, she had new plans, and she couldn't stay that long married to Felicity if she continued like this, which she didn't count, when she stopped paying attention to the woman and continued with the vigilantism.

Nixty Selenity Delphos had said, in hiding her identity better than she did, that somehow Felicity was taken towards the hospital, that's when she lost their baby.

Criminal examinations were performed, what hurt the most was the fall, it was what the exams said, it was a miscarriage, due to the fall, even if she said she should have stayed at home or wait for the child was born to be able to return to the supposed fight against crime, in the end...

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