Chapter 2 - A Moment in Time - Descending in Darksness

The end of life on each of those planets.

Those were remnants of ancient cults, there were inscriptions, boulders and old abandoned buildings, temple ruins, using the explosion tubes, it was right there, but if you take into account that by normal seafaring means, it would need months of travel.

There was no life, but skeletons, and remains and fossils and dry bones and sources, equally dry, what he saw around him, the two of them walking together through each of those planets, they were walking there.

There was no more water there, of course, what was left were nothing but inscriptions, and memories, some of these beings lived for many ages, those who survived the famine.

Whereas the ancient priests who gained immortality were or were the followers who stood on the right side of the scales of war.

There were or what was left of the dry and twisted trees, sprouting from the earth, a side effect of the remnants of gas and oil left over from drilling and exploration.

There are diplomatic issues, enmities and discussions, with respect to the elders of several other races, who still cultivate enmities and dislikes from ancient stories, rancor and grief, as well as remembering what caused all that destruction.

What wasn't extremely difficult to convince them of an alliance with some former enemies and enmities was exhausting.

As for the priests and the twilight guardians who guarded the ancient tablets and rocks, and the scriptures and stones that revealed the betrayal of the first Thalaran warrior.

Between the split of a war that arose between the divided that one was red in color and orange haired, and these were the Ranaraans, who were cousins.

Until then, being exiled enemies from the planets of the distant galaxy of Ruaran-na, in which they were one of the galaxies near the end of the universe, divided, that arose one of the problems between battles.

One of these reasons was the fact of war and therefore, each of the ancient peoples of each of the planets involved in conflicts and wars prior to each one of them, the one that invaded the planet Karnaritus, home of the Gordanians.

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