Chapter 1 - A Moment in Time - Descending in Darksness

Of course, in addition to resources, there were many other races, and an abundance of prosperity, animals, feuds of some dominant races, green, and flora, in addition to an abundant prosperous fauna, which were depleted, and due to exploitation without control.

In the end, they came to an end, with that, many races spread to other planets, many reached their extinction, but not before causing an interplanetary war, between various systems, between famine, pestilence and disease, came the invasions , but nothing prevented its extinction

When it was reported to Selenian of his colleague Tandur, who learned that those 33 planets were used and explored until dry, it was the creation of a deity.

They were left behind in exile and left at the gates of famine, it was a paradise each of those planets among the planets, but it came to an end, yes there were some survivors of each of those races, which were scattered by other solar systems .

Many joined other races, exiled themselves in the Dianuras galaxies, which formed a clustered galaxy of 14 planets of exiles and refugees, some as many survivors across the distant planets of the Darunazin galaxies.

There were many wartime exiles from the former Republic from a planet called Faking, their former glory forgotten.

The so-called planet Delura that was originally from Gordanians, and from the first generation of kings before reaching its extinction, between a war that reached the end of the planet's life and the migration to the Vega system.

That galaxy was formed by 33 planets whose countless resources, ores, stones and gems, that appeared and were mined, all this, until it was reduced to a rock that was close to the planet of Terramorha.

That moment that would be used as a planet only of fire that is born from the earth, was rich in oil, coal, jewels, and natural gas, to a certain extent there was no more water than now, it was just sand...

In fact, slavery was its main feature, which in turn didn't seem like a problem with almost everything there.

In addition to mining, and training before their slave philosophy, they were military academies, before they were farmers, priests, miners and fishermen, that sort of thing happened ages ago.

Aeons ago there was a great abundance of marine life, and they lived practically on philosophy, food, fishing, animal herding, long since extinct, and farmers that planets that were in the same flux.

the last planet, the first planet was the Delura of the Delurdian galaxy and the planet Delurian, home of the Delu

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