Chapter 0 - A Moment in Time - Descending in Darksness

The former royal houses and even within relatively peaceful governments and military soldiers on each of the planets, from those who would be involved in internal conspiracies within royal houses.

So much so that they knew the choice and good training of Selenian, done exclusively by Zariel.

This made Selenian the best strategist in the temples of Zarathanis.

Since he was a great administrator, commanding and converting the great ruler of one last ally planet alongside Zaran.

Selenian being good at conspiracies and swindling, using the discontent and lack of support of some influential aliens who were exiled and sometimes rejected by some races, were some aliens were ignored.

There were political impacts, with the intervention, between governances, and authoritarian and military and dictatorial governments, those who were involved in deposing some rulers, secretly, their influence and their power grew.

Among the merchants, if not all, then some of them, who suffered persecution and impunity from political opponents, who were thrown into exile on other planets and were plotting against their executioners.

Bruce was surprised by the qualities Selenian had in his role in party politics, and using distrust, and insecurity, and not lack of punishment.

In short, he was a free rider and opportunist, in every situation and had countless resources.

Since there was a source of life there, aliens who were attacked and discredited, which were sometimes marginalized and unsupported by some peoples, and who were discredited by some sectors and entourages, Selenian took advantage of this, and created numerous schemes for the convert, using your weaknesses.

Selenian was using distrust and lack of security, intrigues, internal conspiracies, the lack of guarantees of a better world, and using all the weaknesses and distrust, for the lack of demand, for better conditions, the lack of confidence in the political environment of each one of them.

There were descendants of families of kings and courts deposed by so many ministers who usurped power, ministers and envious kings, who sought to rise in power, subjugating their people and oppressed by some rulers. attorneys.

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