Her Affectionate Revenge

Her Affectionate Revenge

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Chapter: 120
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Synopsis about Her Affectionate Revenge

"Pervert!"Those were the words that came out of Jessica's mouth when the dashing young casanova ravaged her body with his eyes.Five years later, she came back with twins and a deep heart filled with revenge and hidden affection."Daddy, I don't think you are man enough," Gabby said, looking straight into Edwin's eyes with his emerald green eyes just like Jessica's."Why?" "That's because you can't even get mummy to like you!" Abby responded, blinking her big hazel eyes just like his. Staring at his mini-version and the adorable girl version of himself, Edwin vowed to get Jessica back, the only girl that made his heart flutter. Even though he hurt her badly. What would happen when these two people finally meet amidst the grudges between them? Would Edwin Turner be repentant of all his wrongdoings and make amends with the woman he once spite? Or would Jessica Graves do all she can to destroy the only man who still makes her heart beat and the father of her kids?Or would those cute little angels bring together the enemies that happened to be their parents?The one with the strongest will wins.
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