Chapter 3 - Her Affectionate Revenge

Two Years Later

"I need an iced coffee!"

"Jessy, table two needs two iced coffees and an Americano"

"Two lattes and an Americano for table four"

Jessica's head was filled with different orders. She wondered why her second hadn't signed in yet.

She was supposed to drop an application at a company that was recruiting workers in an hour. She had to leave early to arrive on time.

Jessica tried her best to satisfy every customer so she won't be scolded by her grumpy boss. That man would bring down the roof on her if any of the customers complained. He was too stingy to hire more workers even when he knew they required more hands.

Jessica had taken up several jobs so far and now she was working at a coffee shop just down the street. She prefers working there because there is no need for transportation. After all, it was just down the street. During lunch, she could simply skip over to the house to have her lunch.

All in a bid to save money. The twin's education had to be taken care of including rental and other miscellaneous bills.

After Jessica's father fainted a year ago, he had severe heart failure. It was so severe he had to undergo surgery. They had to sell most of their possessions to revive him through surgery. The bank collected their house and their company was shut down.

Her father's friends and relatives all deserted them, claiming her father was involved in drug trafficking. They said all sorts of bad words against him.

"You are a stain on our family name!"

"We can't be seen together with your family. You are a disgrace to the Graves"

"How could you think of doing such a thing? Now our family name's been dragged into the mud because of you!"

"Who would have thought that he was such a snake! A poisonous one at that! How could you sell such drugs? You are wiping out generations!"

" I can't believe I was friends with such a dangerous person! And he claims to be a doctor! Or is it a laboratory scientist? What a shame!"

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