Chapter 4 - Her Affectionate Revenge

The man's hazel eyes followed the beauty till she was out of sight. Gosh, she was so beautiful and… arrogant. How dare she call him a pervert? His eyes flashed in anger but he quickly kept it in check.

She was lucky he was with another woman and he needed to clarify things with Janet or else he would have shown her the meaning of someone who is a pervert!

Edwin Turner barely tore his gaze away from the gorgeous figure. He walked briskly to the end of the cafe and sat down, brooding.

"Edwin, is something wrong? Did that girl say something to you? I will teach her a lesson if she dares" Janet said, drawing close to Edwin. Her boobs were almost touching his chest and it seemed she didn't hear what that feisty girl just said to him.

"Teach her a lesson? As what…My wife? My girlfriend? My lover? Because the last time I checked we were done" Edwin told her, smiling.

His face lit up the cafe with his smile and Janet couldn't help drooling all over him. She grabbed his hands and frantically held them tightly. They were barely two days into their relationship!

"What do you mean by that, Edwin? We just fucking had a good time in the office!" Janet said, her face turning pale from anger and embarrassment.

" And I fucking told you as I screwed you, Janet. It's over between us. I wanted to make it clearer for you over a cup of latte or Americano but I guess you got it already" Edwin whispered in her ears. He hated this part the most.

Why do they keep coming when they know they won't last? It's not like his affairs were a secret.

" You can't do this to me, Edwin! You told me you love me!" Janet said, trying to press down her voice.

" Did I? But then I love all my bitches until I get tired of them. Didn't you know before you came to me? Stop with your drama" Edwin told her, smiling. He had told every fucking girl he laid that he loves them! Why would she be special?

Grabbing his hands tightly, Janet's tears began to fall on her well-dolled-up face. Her chest was heaving up and down exposing a huge chunk of her boobs.

Unfortunately, Edwin has no time to check her out as he rises from the chair. His image was already filled with the celestial beauty he just bumped into. He wondered how such a feisty girl would feel underneath him, writhing in pleasure.

" Edwin! You are a bastard!" Janet screamed, attracting the attention of the people in the cafe. They all looked toward their table.

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