Chapter 5 - Her Affectionate Revenge

The sight of that man sets a warning alarm in Jessica's head. She needed to get away from him as soon as she could. Turning around, she ran in short strides. Barely three strides away, she felt a hit on her head.

"Ouch!" Jessica muffled her hurtful groan as she bumped into someone. The files in her hands were scattered all over. She looked up to see a well-dressed young lady holding her head.

Jessica immediately forgot about her pain and began to apologize, after all, she was the one that bumped into her.

"I am very sorry, ma. I didn't watch where I was going"

"It's not entirely your fault. I wasn't looking too as I was in a hurry. I am partly to blame, ``the young lady said, smiling. She looked down and saw her documents in the file scattered all over the floor.

Jessica also caught a glimpse of the documents and she immediately squatted down to arrange them. The girl also helped her arrange them.

"You have lots of application letters in your file. Sorry, but I couldn't help myself" She said, apologetically.

" It's alright. I was just job hunting. I tend to drop at any company offering a job space" Jessica replied, picking up the documents hastily. She doesn't want that man to see her again. She has had enough bad emotions today.

"I see you also have an application for the Turner Group. Why didn't you submit it?" The lady asked.

Jessica scratched her head. She can't possibly tell her it was because she was running from a hot pervert, right?

"I… I just don't feel confident enough to apply. I mean this is a very big company. Why would they want to hire someone like me who doesn't have any experience?"

"And how would you gain experience if you are never hired? Trust me, girl, you just have to keep trying. You might just be the lucky one" the girl said, patting her.

"Miss, I appreciate your kind words and encouragement but I… I don't have the courage to… "

" First, my name is Misha. Secondly, since you are afraid, just give me all your information and I will help you drop it. How about that?" Misha replied.

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