Chapter 2 - Her Affectionate Revenge

Groaning loudly yet sleepily, Jessy tried to switch off the alarm ringing continuously for some time now.

"I just want to sleep a little! Let me sleep, Mr alarm! Why can't you just cooperate with me this once?" She murmured, covering her ears with her pillow.

She wants to sleep more! Last night she stayed up late trying to break the walls of the bank and after trying relentlessly for five hours, she finally did it at exactly 11:55. The crash lasted till exactly midnight.

There was a light tap on her door. She knew who it was but she was just too sleepy to care.

"Miss, your bath is ready. You have less than an hour to get to college" A cheerful voice said.

"Yeah. But Aunty Maya, I just need five minutes to get there. Why can't I just use the helicopter? Dad isn't going on any business trip out of town" Jessica said, covering herself with a thick blanket." Just twenty minutes to sleep and I will be in school in less than five minutes"

"Miss, your father left early this morning and the helicopter is not available at the moment. And if you don't wake up now, you might end up dressing shabbily for college" Aunt Maya said, removing the blanket from her.

Ha! She forgot she still needed to dress. She can't afford to be dressed shabbily or else that stupid Ella and her friends would upload her photos all over their school's group chat.

That's hell no for Jessica, a college-round fashionista that had won the most gorgeously dressed campus Bella in succession.

At the mention of her being shabbily dressed, she immediately jumped out of the bed. Her sleepiness vanished into thin air. She left Aunt Maya and went straight to the bathroom.

In less than twenty-five minutes, she was already dressed up and her face was lightly touched. Putting on tight-fitting jeans and a sleeveless top that brought out all her endowment, she carefully wore her jacket tailor-made for her by the famous designer who was making waves.

Jessica knew the school was going to be in an uproar because of the jacket but she doesn't give a damn!

The driver dropped her off at the entrance of the college. Immediately she got inside, she was dragged to the corner by someone.

"Damn it, girl! What kind of fucking brain do you have? You did crash them yesterday!"

She grinned at Winston who was looking at her as If he was looking at an alien." I told you I hate to lose"

" How did you do it? How could you crash it for five minutes? Ha! I can imagine my father's face last night… it must be fucking hilarious!" Winston said, bursting into laughter.

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