Chapter 1 - Her Affectionate Revenge

Jessica stared at the person beside her father. Wasn't that Uncle Lincoln, the head of her father's laboratory company? Why was he with her father?

She looked at her father and it looked like he was a little pale. Was something wrong? And why would this man come to their house?

She remembered her father having a heated argument with him some months back.

"Jessy, won't you say hi to your uncle?" Mr Graves said to his stupefied daughter.

"Hi, Uncle Lincoln!" Jessica said, dryly. There was something odd about this man that Jessica doesn't like but his father seems to trust him so much.

"Jessy, you are growing into a fine woman. How are your studies? I heard from your father you would be graduating soon. Good luck! " Uncle Lincoln said, smiling.

Jessica simply forced a smile out before continuing what she was doing. Her mind was feeling uneasy but she can't tell what it is.

As she was in deep thought, her father returned from escorting Uncle Lincoln out. She adjusted her mood and smiled brightly at her father.

"Daddy, when did you get back? I thought mother was lying to me" Jessica said, walking towards her father.

Mr Graves smiled at his daughter before giving her a peck again. "How is my princess today? You must be engrossed in your studies that you didn't even feel my presence"

"Daddy, I am so sorry. I… "

" Princess, you don't have to apologize. Besides, I know how much you love your…" Mr Graves said, winking at his daughter." I am always supporting you from the sidelines"

" That's why you are the best dad in the entire universe!" Jessica gave her dad a huge hug and the biggest smile ever!

She looked at her dad's smiling face and frowned." Dad, you look stressed. Are you okay? Is there a problem at the company?"

"My princess, don't you trust your super daddy? Of course, there is nothing wrong with the office. I just strained myself a little because of the annual meeting coming up tomorrow" Mr Graves replied.

" Are you sure daddy? You look stressed and all these bags under your eyes and Uncle Lincoln… "

" Princess, I am fine. Everything will be over tomorrow and when you are through with your exams we will go on a daddy and his little girl's outing" Mr Graves said, winking at his daughter again.

"Really dad? I can't wait to see Kristen's face when we go on vacation alone" Jessica said, grinning.

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