Omega Princess

Omega Princess

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Chapter: 56
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Synopsis about Omega Princess

Fillian is true to her name a small girl or should I say wolf. At 16 she is an orphan and the lowest Omega in the Dark Moon pack. She is beaten by, the soon to be Beta, Dean and does more than her fair share of chores. Her only friend is Kate a 5-year-old who was orphaned the same day as Fillian. Fillian has helped raised Kate. To protect her and Kate she knows she must leave the pack but how? Her wolf has not shown up yet. So many questions remain unanswered. Without a wolf what will happen to them without a pack? Why is she different from other wolves, what is the true story behind why she became an orphan, and will her mate be a friend or foe if she finds him? As she continues down her path her mate or should I say mates is the least of her challenges.
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