Chapter 8 - Omega Princess

Since the time we were almost caught, we have been extra careful about traveling an extra mile into the forest to not contact humans or other wolves. Sasha and I go out once a month all night to train in both human and witch form.

I found I can move most elements and I can manipulate minds like I did with the warrior when we left Dark Moon Pack. Although I haven’t been able to practice on anyone.

Katie went with me for a shift for the first time during the summer break from school. We spent a whole week camping and playing in the forest. She really enjoyed it. She loved to be free to talk about wolves.

I am struggling with the idea of when she is older what to do. She will need a pack at some point. She will also need to find her mate. But I still have 10 years before that.

Time really flies by when you are working hard. It has been just under two years. Katie has acclimated perfectly into this life with her friends at school and Vanes