Chapter 3 - Omega Princess

I spin at the voice. I find myself alone in the hallway between mine and Katie’s room. I can see her fast asleep. “You may be strong but not very smart.” OMG my wolf! I think back.

“I am smart. You are late. Why didn’t you come to me sooner?”

“No need.”

“No need? I needed you for the last six years every time Dane beat me, I needed you.”

“This introduction is going bad. Hello Fillian, I am Sasha your wolf. I was here but only could come forward when you truly were ready. Don’t be too hard on Dane.”

“You were here you saw what he has done and still you felt I didn’t need you or am I some how a disappointment for my wolf as well?”

“No, no nothing like that…The moon goddess has a plan which I intend to follow.”

“The moon goddess has not cared about me in a long time.”

“You are wrong little one, but you will see.”

“Ok” I said with much suspicion. “Sasha, if I can hear you in my head can I shift tonight? I need to make plans to escape from here.”

“I know you being able to shift is part of your plans, but you will need to come up with a new plan. You are not to shift on pack territory, or the Alpha of that pack will know we are here.”

“The Alpha already knows I am here.”

“True Fillian and I think he suspects you are different but not to what extent.”

“Sasha? Why am I different?”

“All I can say is you are more powerful than you know. Our story has lots of paths and our lives will change depending on the paths we take. But for now, I can say we need some rest for I am now with you, and I can help you plan our escape.”

I took a nice warm shower to relieve my aching muscles got some salve to put on my cuts and bruises and laid down to sleep. Before I drifted off into sleep is asked “Sasha?”

“Yes, Filli? I can call you that.”

“Yes, are you able to chose to stay or leave me?”

“The goddess puts us with people she deems are a good match. Wolves can block their human forms out, it is rare, but it is normally because that human has done something unforgivable.”

“Sasha, please don’t leave.” And with that I drifted into a comfortable sleep.

Sleep did not last because at 3 a.m. there was a large knock followed by, “Fillian Carmella Carnell get up! There is plenty of work.” The head Omega Mrs. Loveta called.

I quickly jumped up to pull on back leggings and a blue button-down shirt. “Sasha are you still there?” I thought, calling out in hopes she hasn’t left.

“I am here. You must not let people know you have a wolf yet. I am not sure how they will react, and I will work on a plan while you do your chores.”

“Sasha thank you for staying.”

“I am your wolf, and you are my human there is not a more compatible person for me. I will be here till the end with you.”

“I hope so.” Is the last thing I said before pulling my hair up in a high bun. Mrs. Loveta had left a list of chores to complete. First the settings for breakfast. Helping plate the main halls food. When all the others were eating, I was to reset and clean the high guest floors. After that there was nothing? Did it not print. I start to walk down the steps to the kitchen when I am almost thrown to the ground by the biggest hug.

“Filli! I am mad at you.” Came the from the little red headed girl apparently attached to my side.

“My Katie girl why are you up? It is 3 a.m.”

“I am up now to say happy belated birthday. I thought you were going to wake me up when you were done with chores.”

“Yes, I came and saw you sleeping and didn’t want to wake you.” Not sure she would be able to keep Sasha a secret like she asked.

“Well, you should have. I have a gift for you, but it may have spoiled…” Katie was cut off by Mrs. Loveta.

“Fillian we must begin.”

“I will be right there.” I called. “Katie go back to sleep and I will find you when I am done today.”

“You promise?”

“Cross my heart. Now I have to go.”

Once leaving I heard Sasha “I love our little pup! But you were right in not telling her.” I smiled at the thought of Sasha already loving Kate.

Once I got down to the kitchen, I started working grabbing all that I would need to set the rooms. I grabbed the first hundred plates and almost dropped them as my ribs still hurt. I wish I could have phased last night so I would have healed already. Sasha whimpered a bit. “I know. It won’t be long now. Can you finish the plate settings while I ask you questions?”

“Of course. I have done this so many times it is like I am on auto pilot.”

“Great first. How far is the nearest human only town.”

“About 30 miles.”

“And we have to cross Violet Moon Pack to get there?”

“Unfortunately, it is only 5 miles of theirs and 20 Dark Moon, the only other way is 150 miles around. It is the fastest route no matter how you slice it, and Katie may not be able to make it the other way.”

“Right well…through it will be. The bad thing will be we might not be able to do it without shifting and I really don’t want to let them know.”

“Understand we can start on foot and see if we need to go by paw?”

“Cute Filli a wolf joke.” Sasha said. “Alright you have money saved. This human town is it a large or small town?”

“It is a fairly large. It does boarder Violet Moon Pack’s Territory, but it has easy access to the Freeway that would take us right into the City if we need to hide among the people.”

“Great. Now we need to pick a time and how to cross without making you rogues. Do you think the Alpha would release you?”

“I don’t know.” I said as I finished the last settings.

“It will depend on how much he knows. Are you linked to the Luna? This morning I was going through your memories and could see she has always been nice.”

“I think I could link to her if I focused really hard. As I haven’t phased my links normally are only one sided.”

“We will use that as a last result.” Sasha said. Afterwards she retreated.

As I started prepping breakfast food plates, I saw Mrs. Loveta and thought this was the perfect time to ask about my half schedule.

“Aw yes. I forgot to tell you.” Mrs. Loveta said with a worried look while she flipped pancakes on the griddle. “The Alpha would like to see you in his office after your chores.”

“Why does Alpha Alexi want to see me?”

“Not Alexi dear girl. Alexander he became Alpha last night remember?”

How could I forget! The New Alpha which means the new Luna would soon to be Amanda, my once best friend. Our plan may have gotten more complicated. I wonder why he wants to see me. I guess I will find out.

I make quick work of the guest rooms as to not be late for my first meeting with Alpha Alexander and Luna Amanda. I enter my last room the Alpha of Violet Moon and shiver. This is the beast that killed my father as I cannot imagine my father would have become a traitor. I don’t know what to expect maybe a three-headed dog named Cerberus.

Instead, his room is immaculate. The bed perfectly fixed up nothing is out of place. The clothes were all nicely put in place. It also smelled amazing l like the forest and something else I can’t put my finger on. “Cherry.” Sasha interrupted my thoughts.

“Well, hello.” I thought.

“It does smell fantastic in here. Do you know if we could meet him?”

“Yeah, right Sasha we are Omegas remember?” I admonished. “Also, why would you want to meet the man that hurt me so much?”

“Maybe because he smells this good and how do you know it was him?”

Good question. I didn’t.

Just as I was leaving, I bumped into what will go down in history as the scariest man alive. Jet-Black close-cut hair, chiseled face, tattoo sleeves, with mean eyes of gray. Although maybe only 20 this must be the Alpha, he gave off such power. I put my head down with an “I’m sorry sir I was sent to fix your room, but you seem to have no need. So sorry again.”

I hurry down the hall to prepare to get ready for the meeting. The smell of the room lingering in my mind.