Chapter 5 - Omega Princess

I opened my room, grabbed my backpack and threw in my clothes, a tarp, and my savings. I ran to Katie’s room and praised the goddess she was there. “Katie I’m so sorry,” I said.

“Filli, your eyes are purple. Are you mad at me?”

“No sweet girl, but please get your backpack and empty it. Put clothes and grab your favorite memories. We need to go for a trip. You will need to carry it, though so nothing too big. We will go camping and then have some fun away from here, do you understand?”

“Yes. Filli, are you OK?”

“No, Katie, but we will be.” Why lie now? She could see the blood and bruises. I wanted to at least wait till night but there was no time. It would be almost the end of supper and the kitchen would be buzzing with Omegas. I could slip in, take some food and return.

“Katie sweetie, I need you to finish packing. I am going to run downstairs and return picnic basket and will be back. We can start our trip at that time.”

“Ok…Filli I am scared.”

“It is ok I will be there with you. If you want to stay, Katie you can but I have to leave tonight.”

“I want to go on a trip with you, I’m just not brave enough. What if Dane finds us again and he hurts you and takes me away?”

“That is why we must leave quickly so nothing like that will happen.”

I give her a quick kiss on the head, and I moved quickly to the kitchen. I was able to slip in and out without notice. I grabbed some water bottles, apples, bread, and dried meat. This will have to do for now. I expect our 30-mile trip will take two, maybe three days, depending on how much I need to carry Katie.

“I think we can do it in two for sure if you steal a wheeler and dump it,” Sasha said.

“That is a great idea. We can get halfway through the woods and cut our time. Then I can hide Katie and drop the 4-wheeler off farther away and run back to her. I am a fast runner. Now to take a 4-wheeler without being noticed.”

“Well, you already knocked out or killed Dane, so grand theft is not a reach.”

“I still haven’t processed what happened. How did I do that?”

“You have many powers and are stronger than you know, Filli. If you take the 4-wheeler from a woods patroller instead of the garage. You only need to tap into your powers again. Do you think you can do that?” Sasha seemed sure I could, but I was not so sure. I mean I only found out about them today.

“I will do it. I will have to.” I replied as I took the steps two at a time. We needed to leave. If Dane wakes up, I will not survive. They will have no choice but to kill me. I attacked a Beta. It is law.

Katie was waiting in her room with her jacket and backpack ready. I grabbed my bag, put the food and water in it and turned to her. “We must avoid others and if anyone asks, we are going on a quick hike before we return for evening chores.” She nodded and I smiled, “good girl.”

We headed for the omega’s back door. With everyone still bustling about with the guests leaving, we should have enough distraction to get to the woods. It is a 30-minute, 3-mile run for us to the tree line but we don’t want to draw attention. So, we will walk to the woods, making it an hour. Please, moon goddess, if you hear me let Dane me out until we leave the pack.

We started walking to the picnic area. I hope Dane is still there so I would know. He was gone and this cannot be good for us. So far, we have met no interference so far, but with Dane either awake or someone found him we have little time. I looked around and saw no one. Sasha confirms she senses no one near us. I leaned to Katie and say “Lets race to the tree line. See if you can beat me.”

“I bet I can,” Katie said with a smile. I began to run with her “Sasha?”

“Yes Filli?”

“Keep close to the front so you are more aware of any danger and if we need to shift. I know a last resort, but it might be the only way if Dane is awake and starts searching for me.”

“I will keep aware of our surroundings, but the goddess has cleared our path.”

“You can talk to the goddess?”

“Yes, I am her daughter after all.”

“I guess I didn’t know that our wolves could talk to the goddess herself.”

“Oh, not all wolves can. We are special.”

I didn’t respond as we had gotten to the tree line, and I could hear the patrol on the 4 wheeler in the distance. I want to hide Katie and go get the 4-wheeler and bring it to her that way. She doesn’t have to see what I have to do. I found a snug tree trunk for her to hide in. I told her it would only be 10 minutes and for her to keep hiding. She tucks herself closer to the trunk and I take off at full speed.

I started to full sprint towards the sound of the patrol. It may take me less time as they are coming in my direction. The 4-wheeler engine is cut, and I can hear the warrior get off. She sniffs the air as she must have caught my scent. I must move quick before she can link the Alpha. I sprinted ahead and land a perfect round kick to her stomach. I grab her head, but instead of twisting I think, sleep.

I feel the same warmth run through me and the warrior is out cold on the ground. “Sasha, will she be ok?”

“I think so, I am not as in tune with your witch.”


“Yeah, you are part Wolf and part Witch. We need to move though, so I can tell you what I know when we are safe in our new place.”

“OK but I will not forget.” I started the engine and took off toward Katie. I’m a witch and a wolf. I can’t believe it. How is that even possible? So many questions are racing through my mind I almost drive past Katie’s hiding spot.

Katie comes out of her hiding spot with a big smile. “I get to ride that?” she squeals. I nodded for her to get on and pass her a helmet.

“Katie we are going to be going fast. Hold on tight. If any time you hear the wolves, just close your eyes.” The additional 15 miles will only take 20 minutes. Then I would have to hide Katie and move the 4-wheeler in a different direction so as to attempt to throw anyone off our trail.

The ride to the border was still quiet. I tucked Katie away and drove four miles away. It will take me 20 minutes to return to Katie. As I was dumping the 4-wheeler I heard the first sign of alarm. I was a large howl but far away.

I hear Alex in my head “Fillian you must return and bring Katie with you.”

“No,” I respond. The Alpha command is not working for me.

“I said we were strong,” Said Sasha.

“Sasha, can we make it back without phasing?” I asked.

“I think I can give you my energy without phasing or notifying the alpha. It is worth a try. If I do this, I might not be able to contact you until I have recovered.”

“We have to try.”

“ OK clear your mind and start running. Feel yourself going faster, jumping farther over the roots on the ground.”

I was doing it moving as if in wolf form but not. We reached Katie in no time. “Sasha we did it.” But Sasha wasn’t there.

Alex came back into my mind. “Fillian if you do not return you will be considered a traitor. I will forgive you for your attack on Dane but this will be unforgivable.”

I pushed him out again and put up a wall. I get Katie and tell her she must repeat after me “I Fillian Carmella Carnell renounce Dark Moon Pack and Alpha Alex. For this day is my last of the Dark moon Pack.” I added the last part. Hopefully it will work.

Katie followed me exactly and when we were done, I heard two loud howls. One from Alex when we severed. The other one from Dane?