A Son for A Billionaire

A Son for A Billionaire

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Chapter: 70
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Synopsis about A Son for A Billionaire

Ivy Rivera, eighteen years old, was known to be the girl from the wrong side of the river. Everyone in Winslow, Arizona, a small town where she grew up looked down on her and she was labeled a jinx.Ivy Rivera life changed after spending a whole night with a stranger who showed her love and attention she had never received even from her parents.Soon Ivy found out that she was pregnant, and to avoid being mocked by people, she left the small town to start a new life in Los Angeles.Ivy Rivera locked up her past life to focus on her career as a photographer. Her top priority was to give her child the life he deserved and the love she never received as a child from her parents.One day, Ivy found the the stranger she had a night with ten years ago. Feelings would stir up but would Ivy be willing to let the stranger near her son? Would she set things aside and let love overpower the doubt and fear she has been keeping for years?An eye-opening love story and family drama.(Bonus chapters added)
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