Chapter 5 - A Son for A Billionaire

Arthur and Ace watched Ivy as she walked out of the studio. "I got rejected again!" Arthur sighed.

"What do you mean by that?" Ace asked.

"Stop acting like you know about my rejection. I just asked her to come with me to your engagement party but she turned me down." Arthur answered.

"No she just said she would give you a call if she can make it to the party." Ace said.

"And so what do you call that? That is indirectly a rejection, what if she doesn't call me? What do I Ace? I am deeply in love with Ivy but I know she doesn't like me. Every time I ask her out to dinner or anywhere with me she always turns me down by giving me flimsy excuses." Arthur rubbed his temples as he stared at the system in front of him.

"Well since you know she doesn't like you and you don't have a chance with her then just let her go." Ace said with a shrug.

"I can't let her go and I will make her fall in love with me." Arthur resorted.

"Are you for real? Like you will force her to fall in love with you?" Ace asked with a snapped eyebrow.

Arthur glanced up at his cousin. "No not for real but for fake." He said.

"You can't force a woman to love you." Ace countered.

"I will do whatever I want and watch me play my game on Ivy. She will fall in love with me." Arthur said confidently.

"Arthur, you are getting it all wrong, is Ivy just a game to you?" Ace asked.

"More like a good game, she is challenging me to make me use my charm on her." Arthur answered with his eyes flashing with determination.

"Arthur, this is wrong." Ace said.

Arthur screwed up his face. "Why are you sounding like you are discouraging me and.. like you want to back off? Can't I love whoever I decide to love?" He asked.

"Of course you can love whoever you want to love but it is just that you can't force a woman to fall in love with you." Ace responded.

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