Chapter 4 - A Son for A Billionaire


Camilla stood with Ivy, checking out the pictures they have taken for the engagement shoot. And Ivy did her best at avoiding every chance to look into Ace eyes.

Camilla was too excited about it. "Thank you so much, Ivy. These pictures are awesome!" She exclaimed.

Ivy flashed her a small smile. "I am just doing my job and don't worry.. it will look much better than this after some editing." Ivy said.

"I told you she is good." Arthur said.

"I guess you are right. So Camilla we need to go, the store called me not to long that they already ordered new wedding dresses." Mrs Clark said.

"Oh so fast, they told me it won't be ready until next week." Camilla said.

Ivy left them to attend to some things. "Have you tried getting the new model of ring light I told you about." She said to one of the workers in charge of the studio maintenance.

"Yes Ma." The man replied.

"I made some extra calls so they ordered the wedding dresses early." Mrs Clark answered.

Mrs Clark eyes darted at Ace. "Are you okay, Ace?" she asked.

"Yes mommy I am.. fine." Ace answered looking away from a staring contest at Ivy.

"You should come along with us to check out some wedding dresses for Camilla." Mrs Clark said with a bright smile on her expression.

"No.. mom. I have a meeting at work with some investors." Ace lied.

"At what time?" Mrs Clark asked.

"Very soon.." he glanced at his wrist watch. "Probably in fifteen minutes time." Ace answered.

"Please don't take too long at the meeting okay? And don't forget your party tonight at Anderson's place." Mrs Clark reminded her son.

Ace Clark nodded his head in agreement. "Alright mom." He answered.

Camilla went ahead to meet Ace. "Sweetie don't be late for our engagement party." She kissed him on his lips before heading out with Mrs Clark.

Ivy watched Camilla kissing Ace through the corner of her eyes as she sat in front of a system ready to edit the pictures. Ace went out to accompany his mom and Camilla out of the studio while Arthur bid them goodbye and went ahead to meet Ivy.

"Ivy?" He called her name.

"Yes Arthur..." She mumbled without looking up at him as her attention was focused on the system.

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