Chapter 2 - A Son for A Billionaire

Leroy was all cuddle up in his mom's arm on the couch and she toyed with his curly hair.

"So mom, when is aunt Emily moving in with us?" He asked.

"Your aunt hasn't given a call yet but let us just hope by next week." Ivy answered.

Leroy screwed up his face. "But mom why don't you give her a call instead?" Leroy suggested.

"You see son, I don't want your aunt to feel pressured about moving in with us." Ivy stated clearly.

"You are right mom but I hope she calls soon. I am so excited about meeting her now that I know that I have an aunt. It will be so much fun to finally meet someone from our family." Leroy said with excitement in his tone.

Emily had called Ivy for help, because she was too embarrassed to call their parents and that fear had been impossible for Ivy to ignore. Ivy already made up her mind that she wouldn't turn her back on her sister, never again.

"Leroy-" Ivy was interrupted by a beeping sound from her cellphone. She checked the caller ID and saw that it was her boss, Arthur Young.

She picked up the call. "Hello Arthur." She greeted.

"Hi Ivy, I am so sorry for calling you by this time." Arthur said apologetically.

"Oh no.. Arthur it is fine and I am sill awake." Ivy said.

"The reason why I called is because I need your help with something." Arthur said.

Ivy gestured to Leroy to sit up while she adjusted her sitting position. "Is there a problem at the agency?" She asked.

"No.. No.. everything is fine. It is just that my cousin is having his engagement party very soon so they need a professional photographer for the pre wedding shot so I happened to recommend you to them." Arthur Young explained.

Ivy heaved a sigh of relief. "Okay." She said.

"So can you help them with that?" Arthur Young asked.

"Since it is a wedding shoot then.. of course I can help them." Ivy answered.

"So can you make it down to the studio tomorrow?" Arthur Young asked.

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