Chapter 0 - A Son for A Billionaire


Leroy was playing a video game in his room when he remembered that his mom had promised to get him a super hero comic book this weekend. He didn't want to lose the game to the robot playing with him but then the super hero comic book was more important. Then Leroy jumped nimbly to his feet, ran out of his bedroom and motioned towards the kitchen to talk to his mom.

"Mom! Mom! Mom!" Leroy screamed as he entered the kitchen where his mom was preparing dinner.

Ivy jumped in fear thinking something bad has happened to her soon. "Leroy! Are you alright?" She asked in a worried tone with her eyes checking out to see if he has gotten hurt anywhere.

"Yes.. mom.. I am fine.." Leroy panted from the run.

Ivy went ahead o him. "No.. you don't look fine? Baby did you go out for a run again?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No mom! I only ran from my room to the kitchen!" Leroy answered.

"But.. baby I have always told you to be careful about running around the house. You might slip and fall." She pointed at him.

Leroy straightened after the panting fit stopped. "I just remembered that you promised me something, so please can I get it now?" He asked.

"Baby, what is it you want to get from me?" Ivy asked, pretending not to know.

Leroy rolled his eyes. "My super hero comic book!" He reminded her in a slightly raised tone.

"Baby, do you think I will get you a super hero comic book again?" Ivy shook her head as she went back to what she was doing before Leroy stormed into the kitchen.

"Come on mom, you promised to get to me one." Leroy said.

"Oh well you see baby, I am taking back my promise." Ivy grabbed a napkin to bring down the pot from the gas.

"But why mom?!" Leroy requested.

"You have refused to read your books and all you ever did was play your time away on your video game and you expect me to reward you?" She stood at an akimbo.

Leroy sighed. "Come on mom, I -" Ivy interrupted her son.

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