One night stand with the Mafia boss

One night stand with the Mafia boss

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Chapter: 39
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What starts out as a boring work conference turns interesting when the most gorgeous man Kate has ever seen offers her 1 night of passion. “One night” he rubbed his pointer finger over his bottom lip mesmerising me. I have never wanted to be a finger so much in my life! “What?” there goes my heart rate! “Spend one night with me” he gaze not wavering or changing in any way giving away the fact that he just asked me to spend the night with him. “Me?” “Yes.” “Why?” “Why not?” “Because you could have any woman out there in the bar that would give you threesomes, foursomes even with perfect bodies no cellulite, no stretchmarks, everything a man could ever desire. They would probably say yes to absolutely anything you asked. Me? I’m a prude, a weirdo with definitely not the perfect body and a lot less experienced than probably every woman out there and I do say no to a lot of thing. Even to someone as hot as you.” “No! You’re real, they’re not. One night.” “I am going to regret this but your too hot for me. Way out of my league. I….” “No! It’s the other way around. Come!” And with that he is standing in front of me with his hand out for me to take.
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