Chapter 8 - One night stand with the Mafia boss


My cold heart that had only just started to beat again was breaking as I watched the woman who had brought colour into my life again screamed and struggle against me.

I never thought I would ever feel like this. I thought through all the bloodshed I could no longer feel anything for anyone other than those who had been with me from the start. From before I had to watch the life drain from my father's eyes.

Her innocence, her genuine nature, her big heart and her infectious laugh had made me believe I could be happy. I wasn’t lying when I asked her if she would prefer fiancé, she already had more of my heart than anyone ever had or ever could, even after that first night.

All I wanted to do was protect and dominate her from the start, but somehow even my dominating side calmed down as I actually enjoyed playing around with her.

I never in my right mind thought I would let anyone call me a brat or a dag! I had to googl