Chapter 2 - One night stand with the Mafia boss

The next morning, I was happy to find Frankie down in the restaurant having breakfast with everyone. She was her normal over the top self with no hint of a hang over.

You certainly couldn’t get the smile off her face. Good on her!

I sat down and got all the stories of the night. Surprisingly, some of the big partiers only had one drink and went back to the hotel. The last ones back were actually BK and Louis when I saw them in the lobby.

I finished my breakfast and went back to the conference hall to make sure the Events Coordinator Maxine was all set for the day.

The day went as planned with no issues, not even any technical ones, which was a surprise. I saw what I assume were some of Landon’s guards every now and then walking around.

Landon certainly screamed money. He must be not just rich but mega-rich to have so many guards around. Although they reminded me more of a gangster movie than standard rich guys body guards but then again, I do have an overactive imagination.

And I do love a man in all black, it just looks hot!

After the last session, I hung around chatting, then went to tea with everyone as always and happily listened to their stories. About 7.30 I bid them adieu, went and got changed and went back to the bar lounge again.

I loved how my normal booth was empty again, so set myself up and started on my emails first. I luckily got some done during the day, so there weren’t as many tonight. Fingers crossed it will only take me an hour tonight.

At 8pm on the dot, yes I checked, Langdon the Adonis arrived with his men and a pack of swooning women in toe.

I pretended not to look and kept my head down, not wanting to be rude, until I sensed the presence in front of me.

And there he was in his perfectly tailored black pants, dark blue shirt and raised eyebrow just in front of my table.

“Good evening Mr Landon. How are we today”? I used a more official voice.

“Come” was all he said as he turned and walked into his little haven.

It was very obvious he wasn’t used to people saying no, so I just rolled my eyes and packed everything up before following him.

“Hello again”. I greeted the Rope guard, same as yesterday and the day before.

“Ma’am” he nodded before closing the curtain and rope behind me.

I certainly didn’t miss the 2 women that jumped up and tried to follow me in. They were stopped pretty quickly as always by the brick wall that is Rope guard. I couldn’t believe they tried to say they were with me. Nice try!

I sat down across from Landon in the same chair as yesterday.

Lorenzo stood at the back and gave me a small smile and a nod as I passed him. He had pulled a chair closer to the front to give us privacy, I would guess.

“How has your day been?” I knew he certainly wasn’t going to start the conversation.

He shrugged “You?” yep, keeping up the small talk.

“Same old, no issues today, which was good, but Friday can’t come quick enough.”

“You left last night. Why?”

“Because you did first…” how do I answer that? Was he really expecting me to wait?

“Why are you on your laptop all the time?”

“Still have to keep up with my work even though I’m here helping out. It would take me forever to catch up if I didn’t and I don’t want to spend the weekend doing it.”

He stared at me with that scrutinising look, then nodded. He doesn’t give much away with his facial expressions, they’re all subtle changes you have to watch for.

“So are you here for business as well or just enjoying the sights?”

“Both. Why aren’t you with your work colleagues going to the bars and clubs?”

“Not really my thing anymore and I need to keep up with my work. It’s nicer sitting in here with a good drink getting everything done than a stuffy club or bar with drunk idiots and music that destroys your eardrums.”

“How old are you?”

“Don’t you know it’s rude to ask a girl that question?” he raised an eyebrow. “Well it is, but I don’t care. I’m 30. You?”

“32. Do you have a boyfriend?” OK wasn’t expecting that. Actually, not expecting any of this conversation, but anyway.

“Nah, men are too much of a hassle. They either get bored of me or me of them at about the 4 months mark. Haven’t bothered even going on a date for well over a year now.”

“Why?” ummm how do I answer that?

“I don’t know, how long’s a piece of sting. I am guessing your single by all your admirers that follow you. Won any eligible bachelor titles lately?”

His gaze had turned into a thoughtful one as his brows furrowed. “Your beautiful, curvy, smart, obviously have a few self-confidence issues but hide them well. Why do you think they didn’t work?”

“OK you’re going completely left field here and the fact that you didn’t answer the eligible bachelor title question means a yes in my books”. I smiled at him deflecting the fact that he had worked out my self-confidence issues and was currently drilling me as to why I was single.

He smirked “Clingy?”

“Oh absolutely! Especially in my late teens and early twenties when I loved love and desperately wanted to have the fairytale. Now I’m not that stupid. You…” I leaned forward and put my elbows on the table “I wouldn’t be surprised if you have never dated or if you did, it was probably in your early teens and, even then, you weren’t really interested.”

“You think I don’t date?”

“I’m willing to bet chocolate on it!”

His hand came up and scratched his chin as he smirked. “So chocolate is a precious commodity to you?”

“Isn’t it for everyone?”

“One night” he rubbed his pointer finger over his bottom lip, mesmerising me. I have never wanted to be a finger so much in my life!

“What?” there goes my heart rate!

“Spend one night with me”, his gaze not wavering or changing in any way. You would think he just asked what the weather would be like tomorrow, not that he just asked me to spend the night with him.




“Why not?”

“Because you could have any woman out there in the bar that would give you threesomes, foursomes even with perfect bodies, no cellulite, no stretchmarks, everything a man could ever desire. They would probably say yes to absolutely anything you asked. Me? I’m a prude, a weirdo with definitely not the perfect body and a lot less experienced than probably every woman out there and I do say no to a lot of things. Even to someone as hot as you.”

“No! You’re real, they’re not. One night.”

“I am going to regret this you're too hot for me. Way out of my league. I….”

“No! It’s the other way around. Come!” And with that he is standing in front of me with his hand out for me to take.

The look on his face tells me that he means it, he really wants me to come with him! Sure, he isn’t one of those men that give you the dopy try hard sexy look, but there is a sparkle in his eyes.

I still can’t get over his comment though. There is no way he thinks I am out of his league! Yeah as if!

Oh come on Kate!

I know all my friends would be pushing me into his arms saying go for it. I can practically feel their non-existent hands pushing me out of the seat!

Also, I can seriously hear my lady parts screaming at me as they chant ‘DO IT! DO IT!’.

He clearly saw the hesitation on my face as his eyes softened and his hand brushed my cheek.

“One night and we won’t do anything you don’t want to. I would never force a woman.”

And as if my lady parts had taken over and my body was moving on its own as my brain was currently frozen, I nodded and let him help me up.

Grabbing my bag as I stood up, I put it on my shoulder as Landon put his hand out for me to grab. To say I was surprised is an understatement, but then again my brain was still frozen in shock.

I took his hand and let him lead me out.

We didn’t say anything except me saying thank you to Rope guard for holding the curtain open for us.

I was hoping and praying no one saw us from work although I don’t think they would believe what was happening, so maybe at least one witness would be good.

Also, just in case I am making the worst mistake and being led to my death, it would be good to have a witness who saw me with him.

By the time we got to the elevator, yes, only the elevator, not even his floor yet! My heart was trying to jump out of my chest, my knees were ready to buckle and I had nearly drawn blood from biting my bottle lip.

I must have fallen asleep at the table and been dreaming, that’s it, as this can’t be real! Although the pain coming from my bottom lip where I am biting it, tells me it is real.

I looked down at the large callused hand that held mine. The thumb now drew circles on the back of my hand. Yep, this can’t be real!

I looked up at Landon as the elevator doors opened and he just led me in like it was a normal night, nothing out of the ordinary.

Everyone joined us in the elevator standing between us and the door, and I do mean everyone. Lorenzo had a smirk on his face that he was trying to hide, B1, B2, R, T and D.

Landon didn’t even have to press the level number as B1 did it all. And don’t think I missed how he pressed the top floor!

We stood in silence, well except for my heart, which I am sure everyone in the hotel could hear right now.

B2 held open the elevator doors even though he didn’t have to as we all piled out.

The floor was a lot different to mine. The carpet was like walking on foam which was bordered with expensive-looking marble tile. All the walls had white textured wallpaper on them. There were only 3 double doors that I could see in this hallway that were well spaced out.

There couldn’t only be 3 suits on this floor, could there? Then again, it is the top floor.

There were more guards on the floor already fanned out with one holding open the door at the end of the corridor.

He nodded and said one word I didn’t understand as it sounded like it was Italian as we walked in. As soon as we were in the door, he walked out and closed the door behind him.

I was instantly drawn to the mass wall of windows looking out at the city bay as we walked in.

My mind was blown by the massive double story height of the room as I walked through it to the windows, dropping my bag against the glass. It all screamed money with its white furniture, large fireplace, massive TV over the fireplace and large glass dining table on the other side.

I had nearly forgotten all about Landon until my hair was swept off my neck and a large arm snaked around my waist.

Soft, determined lips attached themselves to the spot where my hair used to be.

My heart rate which had gone a little back to normal, was once again skyrocketing as I tried to stop the moan that came out of me. It had been a while since a man had touched me like this and my last boyfriend wasn’t really into foreplay or any real kissing or touching other than sex. Yeah, that one lasted 3 weeks, so I wouldn’t actually call him a boyfriend!

His lips slowly worked their way up to my ear as my head automatically moved to give him better access.

I did everything I could to stop over thinking it, almost chanting ‘Just stop. Just Enjoy!’

“Turn around” he almost growled in my ear. It was somehow the most erotic thing I have ever heard or am I really that sexually deprived?

I slowly turned in his arms, snaking my arms around him in the process.

I smiled up at him as he studied my face.

I wasn’t sure what he was looking for but he must have got his answer as his lips suddenly hit mine hard. My body instantly reacted by kissing him back with the velocity of a starved woman.

His lips perfectly moulded with mine as his tongue took over and dominated my mouth. His arms pulled me somehow even closer.

His kiss was like fire. It lit up every nerve ending in my body as I kissed him back with everything I had.

I was losing oxygen but I didn’t care as I didn’t want this kiss to end. I had never had a kiss that consumed me so fully before.

We pulled apart, finally panting. He dipped down and picked me up bridal style before walking off towards what I guess was the bedroom and not where he was now going to murder me.

I couldn’t help the small squeal of surprise. He smirked, obviously loving my reaction.

With his large strides, it didn’t take long before we passed the many doors into what looked like the master bedroom.

Which was probably the size of my apartment on its own!

He kicked the double doors closed behind him, not once putting me down or acting like I was heavy.

How he made it look easy was a big question I had. I am not a tiny 60kg woman who lives on salads!

As he walked towards the bed, I grabbed his face, bringing it back to mine and captured his lips again.

It felt like it had been way too long since I had kissed him. I was a woman who hadn’t drunk in years and he was my glass of water. I needed those lips on mine, his tongue in my mouth, and I needed them now!

I vaguely felt as he gently laid me on the bed as I continued to try and dominate the kiss, and lost by the way! Fuck he knew how to kiss!

He hovered over me, his arms still holding me tight as he showed my mouth who was boss in the most delicious way.

I couldn’t help the moan that left me as his hand slipped under my top and worked its way up to my bra.

I need him now!

Every part of me was on fire and pulsating with a need I hadn’t felt at this level before.

I started to quickly unbutton his shirt at the top so I could get it over his head and finally see those muscles I know are hiding under there.

He chuckled as I finally got the first 3 undone, took off the cufflinks and pulled with all my might to get his shirt over his head.

Then there he was. I stopped kissing him as I looked at the glory that was in front of me.

I swear I could see every pectoral muscle, every ab, and every defined muscle all the way down to the very large bulge only just being contained by his pants.

He truly was a god! How did I get so lucky?

Definitely have to be dreaming!

My hands couldn’t help themselves as I traced my fingers down, feeling every muscle ridge I could.

I watched every small movement and reaction to my touch.

I couldn’t see through his shirt, so didn’t realise he actually had a full sleeve of tattoos down his left arm. It looked tribal, fierce and well thought-out. The only thing on his front was an angel patting a lion over his right pec.

All his tattoos were black, not a spec of colour.

I don’t know how long I had been just touching and enjoying his physique until I looked up and saw the smirk on the god-like face watching me.

I narrowed my eyes at him “shut up” and quickly lent up and kissed him hard to hide my embarrassment.

He chuckled into my kiss as he broke it to pull my top off over my head.

He stared down at my plain black bra, making me wish that I had put something lacy and sexier on. How was I supposed to know he would even talk to me again, let alone ask for a one-night stand!

Before I could think too hard about it he reached behind me and expertly undid it with one hand. No clue how he managed to do that with my back against the bed! This man is truly a god and I need him now!