Chapter 4 - One night stand with the Mafia boss

I laughed “What makes you think that?”

“You are a happy go lucky person most of the time but you are practically beaming today!”

CRAP! Oh well, I suppose I couldn’t help it.

I was not going to spill the beans though, as it was going to be just one night and now maybe just 2 nights… that I hope turns into the rest of the week frankly.

A sex-cation is exactly what I need. No strings, no emotions, good fun, hot sex for the week, then I can go back to my boring life and be celibate again for another year.

“Just been talking to an old school friend online, it’s been good to catch up. I used to have a crush on him in high school.” That sounds plausible, right?

“Oh, a long lost love! Hot! Are you catching up when we get back? Or is he here in Sydney?”

“Nah he’s in Perth. He’s hoping to come to Melbourne in about a month.” Oh nice one brain, because he can change his mind and then I could be heartbroken next week. Good one!

“Bugger! Why don’t you go to Perth? Wait no don’t answer that, let him come to you. Chase you! Make him work for it!”

“That’s the plan!”

We got back to work and she told me about a guy she had been talking to online as well that was sounding promising. She was hoping to meet up with him next week.

Before I knew, it was 5pm so we packed up and went back to our rooms to quickly change before we were meeting with a couple of others at the restaurant for tea.

I couldn’t help but start to get antsy. I had a long shower to try and calm my nerves and stop looking at the time. I shaved, primped, moisturised and reapplied a little make-up to not look too desperate.

I went to the nearest chemist and bought my own condoms as I didn’t want us to run out. I was going to save tonight as if it was my last night. I was going to make sure I couldn’t walk properly tomorrow. I giggled to myself.

I took them back to my room before I went down for tea.

We met up with about 12 others in the restaurant and happily chatted and eat for the next hour and a bit. Of course, most of them were going out again tonight. I seriously have no idea where they get the stamina, as half were my age or older with families back home.

They reminded me they didn’t get much sleep normally due to kids anyway.

I went back to my room at 7.15 with my heart rate picking up.

I wanted to double check my appearance and grab my laptop. I had about another hour of work I could do but didn’t have to if I got too busy! Hell I wouldn’t care if I was 3 weeks behind because getting busy with Landon was a lot more important!

I wasn’t sure what Landon was up to, so he may be working as well, so best to be prepared and STOP OVER THINKING IT!

At 7.23 I went down to the lobby and found one of his men to take me up as my hotel card only took me up to my floor.

I thought I might have to explain who I was or have issues with him believing me, but he said nothing, just nodding.

He took me up in the elevator but didn’t step out, only held it open for me, then went back down.

I checked the time as I walked to Landon’s door, 7.27pm. One of the guards at the door nodded to me and opened the door.

“Shouldn’t we knock first?”

He smirked “boss is waiting for you” in the normal strong accent of all of them. He turned and motioned for me to go in before closing the door behind me.

I walked in to find Landon walking out a door to the side of the dining area that I didn’t notice last night.


He was all sweaty with only, and I do mean only, gym shorts on. He was wiping his chest down with a towel that I couldn’t help but watch.

The way it softly glided over his rippling muscles that seem bigger today. Every one of them on full display, making my lady parts melt and my mouth water.

He cleared his throat and raised an eyebrow.

“Sorry. Um, hi.” Brain no compute!

He smirked “You can set yourself up on the dining table while I go and have a shower.”

I finally nodded while blushing profusely. I could even feel my ears were red!

I walked over and put the bag on the table.

He walked past smacking my ass, making me yelp in surprise. He chuckled and continued to walk.

Oh he wants to play! Stuff work!

I quickly grabbed a condom from my bag and quietly removed my clothes, taking them with me as I followed him.

I caught up to him in the bedroom where he had stopped to look at his phone.

I dumped my clothes on the bed next to him, smacked him on the ass and ran into the bathroom laughing.

I heard a low growl come from him as I took off into the bathroom, turning the shower on.

He was behind me in a flash, pressing me up against the cold tile wall chest first with my arms above my head. I couldn’t help the small gasp that left my lips.

“And what is this” he growled playfully into my ear as he grabbed the condom from my hand. He rubbed his now fully erect member on my ass and lower back, showing me what I was doing to him.

“Oh I’m not sure. What do you think it is?”

He lightly bit my shoulder. “Do you want my big cock inside you?”

I wasn’t normally into dirty talk, but with him, that accent and that gravely growl made me almost swoon like in an old western.

“Why would you think that?”

He bit my other shoulder. “Tell me” he growled.

I rubbed my ass into him but wasn’t going to give him the answer he wanted just yet “what? That I had a great day. How was your day?” I asked with the most upbeat voice I could manage while still rubbing myself on him.

I suddenly felt a stinging sensation on the side of my ass as he gave it a good smack before caressing it with his large hand “Tell me”, he growled and bit my ear log.

Nope! “What? That the sky is still blue?”

He quickly swapped the hand holding my arms up and smacked my other ass “You are playing a dangerous game. Tell! Me!” he made sure to emphasis his last words.

I heard the ripping of the packet as he used his feet to push my feet further apart.

Oh how I loved playing with him. I wasn’t used to this type of dominating strong man. I was wondering how far I should push though.

“That your accent is hot? Sorry I forgot the question.”

He chuckled, letting go of my arms and pulling my hips back, making my ass stick out. His hand then quickly snaked around to the front and brushed my clit gently making me moan.

“Last chance. Tesoro.” He breathed in my ear.

“Yes I want you inside me” I moaned out as he brushed my clit again.

As soon as I said it, he pushed that big cock deliciously inside me. I rested my head back on the tiles as I felt every inch of him until he was fully inside me.

He slowly pulled out then slammed into me, making me gasp.

“I believe in punishing those who have been naughty” he slammed into me again.

Hard thrust after hard thrust he pounded into me as I tried to meet his thrusts on my now shaky legs as I took every inch of him, enjoying this so-called punishment.

His fingers moved down and started to play with my clit as he continued to punish my pussy in the best way.

We both started to near our releases as I felt the build-up. His thrusts became somehow faster as he chased both of our orgasms.

Just as I was about to come, he stopped dead and held me still so I stopped moving as well. “Do you think you deserve to come?” he bit my shoulder again. I was going to have to make sure that was covered tomorrow as I would guess there was going to be a mark.

“Yes, because you enjoyed it” I panted.

“Did I?” he bit me again, harder this time, making me yelp. Definitely going to have a mark!

“Deny all you want but you did”, I wriggled as much as I could to prove my point, then put my hand over his and made him start rubbing me again.

He pulled my hand away and pinned it to the shower wall.

“Uh,uh, uh” he tutted in my ear.

I heard the slap before I felt the sting on my ass.

“Ow, you really have to stop doing that!”

I was suddenly turned around with my back now against the tiles.

Landon’s gorgeous face was now mere inches away from mine, a full blown evil smile, taking over his face and a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.

His face and eyes were becoming more and more expressive. I could see more of him and not the façade.

“Are you going to stop me?”

“Nope, I’ll just go back to my room instead. Night then” I said, putting on my best nonchalant voice and face.

He pressed his body more into mine. “You think I’ve finished with you?”

“Well you seem to be, so yes.”

He examined my face still with that smile and look in his eye. He muttered something in Italian before he snaked his hand up holding the back of my neck, then crashed his lips into mine for the first time tonight.

How I forgot how good a kisser he is, I don’t know. My arms snaked around him, holding him closer as I kissed him back with everything in me.

His tongue took over my mouth again as his finger started working my clit again. I didn’t want him to miss out, so I grabbed a hold of his large still fully erect member and started to squeeze, moving my hand up and down, making him kiss me harder.

It didn’t take long for the fire in my veins to start up again as my build up was quick and the orgasm exploded through my body.

I screamed as my legs nearly collapsed, my eyes rolling into the back of my head as I shook with each wave.

He picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist and entered me again, letting me chase out my orgasm with him thrusting into me hard, finding his own.

“Fuucckk” he groaned as he collapsed against me, pressing me more into the wall. I must admit I love how he swears when he comes.

We stayed like that for a bit until he finally pulled out and kissed me softly.

We then proceeded to wash each other before finally getting out.

I swear we have just used all the hotels hot water. I was surprised it was still hot when we turned it off!

I walked over to my clothes and started putting them on.


I looked up at him as he took them out of my hand. “Really?”

“Only good girls get clothes” he said as he walked off, taking my clothes with him into the walk in robe.

I couldn’t help the smile on my face, he really was fun to be around.

So I just walked back into the dining area with just the towel wrapped around me and opened my laptop.

“Alexa, close all the blinds and curtains” I said out loud as I am pretty sure my towel would be removed shortly and I was always worried someone might be able to see in… well, normally. I totally forgot about that before when I stripped and ran after him!

They were halfway closed with Landon walked in with just some different running shorts on “Towel!” he demanded, putting his hand out. Yep knew it.

“Turn the heating up first.”

“Alexa, turn the heating up to 22 degrees. Towel!” Fuck that accent!

“You only just turned it up, you have to wait for the room to warm up grumpy.”

He raised an eyebrow at the grumpy part.

I turned back to the laptop and pretended to ignore him, knowing I was playing a game I wasn’t going to win.

His hand appeared in front of my face, still waiting for me to put the towel on it.

“Yes you have very nice hands, Mr Landon. I approve” I said in my most professional voice as I started to type.

A small scream left my lips as I was suddenly pulled off the chair and the towel disappeared. He did his new favourite thing, slapping my ass and walked over to the couch where he threw it to the side next to the doorway.

“Well that’s just rude”, I rubbed my poor red bum and sat back down.

I refused to give him a rise, so I tried to concentrate on my work. A few minutes later, a glass of Baileys appeared beside the laptop.

“Aw do I get a smile with the service?” I teased, making him shake his head and walk back to the couch where he was concentrating on his phone, probably doing emails as well.

When I was satisfied with getting as much done as my brain would allow while naked in the presence of a delicious bit of man meat, I closed my laptop.

I tucked it back into my bag and walked over to the couch, grabbing the remote on the way and turning the TV on.

Not sure how he would react, I started flipping through the directory to see what was on. I pretended I didn’t see the smirk on his face as he watched me with hooded eyes.

I found a Rom Com comedy that I like and turned it on, still waiting for a reaction. I made sure to get comfortable by stretching my legs out and half lying down. I purposely put one arm behind my head and arched my back a little to perk my breasts up.

I saw him narrowing his eyes as they raked over my body. I had never felt so alive or daring. This was so not me, but why not? I am going to enjoy this time while I can!

Trust me when I say I was still extremely self-conscious and was almost worried that I might be turning him off right now showing off all my imperfections. It was too late though and this was a game I was enjoying.

After a few minutes, I was startled by a loud banging on the door.

“Shit” I squealed and ran towards the bedroom, grabbing the towel on the way.

I did not miss the chuckle from Landon as he couldn’t help but swat my ass on my way past him.

His voice changed instantly, sounding extremely annoyed “WHAT” he boomed.

I am not sure if he got up to answer the door or just yelled at them as I had locked myself in the bedroom and started getting dressed again.

Once dressed, I made my way back out to find Landon still on the couch alone. I looked around and didn’t see anyone, so proceeded to sit back on my spot on the other side.

I looked over at him and saw him staring at me with the normal raised eyebrow.

“What?” I said back casually and continued on with the show.

The TV was suddenly blocked by his gorgeous silhouette. I couldn’t help but rake my eyes up his body. He really was divine! Those perfectly sculpted muscles… he cleared his throat.

Oops oh yeah! I looked at his face. “Yes?”

He looked down at my top and pants and back up again.

“Oh, you want me to leave. Sorry” I turned off the TV. I knew this wasn’t what he meant, the anticipation of what he was going to say or do made my stomach do flips.

If he said yes to me leaving I would probably be very disappointed, but hey, we had fun. I’m not here for a relationship.

I went to get up but was suddenly pinned on the couch. He sat on my stomach, making sure to pin my arms to my sides.

“May I help you, Mr talkative?” I put my head to the side while looking into his hooded eyes.

He leaned down so his face was inches from mine. “Did I say you could leave?”

“Did you say you wanted me to stay?”

He studied every inch of my face, taking his time while still pinning me down.

He didn’t have all his weight on me, so it wasn’t uncomfortable, just amusing trying to see what his next move would be.

“You think it’s wise to play games with me?”

“I don’t know, do I?” I turned my hand so I could just touch his fine ass and pinched it.

The look in his eyes changed, I think I just woke up a beast! Oops… maybe!

He moved back a bit while still keeping me caged, never taking his eyes away from mine. Keeping me locked on the gleam that seemed to radiate from those eyes that seem bluer right now.

He lowered his head slowly, still keeping eye contact, and bit my nipple through my top.

“Ouch” I tried to wriggle to get my arms out but it was no use as he moved slowly to my other breast and bit that nipple next. “Ouch you brat” I giggled as I tried to pinch his butt again, but when he moved down my hand was now at under his thigh so I pinched that instead.

He raised an eyebrow at me once again, not breaking eye contact, as he pulled my top up exposing my bra, then lent down and bit both nipples again but harder this time.

“Ouch no fair!”

“You think I can be fair?” his smile was wicked and made my lady parts start screaming for action as my stomach turned into knots.

He bit the side of my breasts this time. “You didn’t answer me.”

“No, I think you can be a big meanie. Now can I have my hands now?”

He bit the underside of my breasts as he shuffled down more.

“Ouch, I answered you brat!”

He bit my side “Brat huh?”

“Ouch fine, not a brat, a meanie!”

He bit my other side “Meanie, huh?”

“Ouch yes. A very big meanie!”