A Baby For Billionaire Knox

A Baby For Billionaire Knox

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Chapter: 65
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His hands covered her boobs and she began to tremble. "You are so beautiful." Knox said with his eyes on her just studying her body."Knox...I think we...shouldn't..." Eretia paused."Do you want me to stop?" Knox asked.Eretia stared at him. Her nipples going hard and her belly quivering. "Why do...you want...to do this?""I want you to have a desire to comeback here when you return to your world." Knox answered with sincerity in his tone."But—"He brushed his mouth against hers cutting off her intended words. His hands gently cupping her breasts. "This is your first right? Or am I wrong?" He asked amidst kisses."No...no...I haven't...done it with anyone.” Eretia stuttered."Same here." Knox coaxed.Meet Knox Martins, a billionaire and who also happens to be a big time celebrity. You see, Knox Martins is stone-headed and cold-hearted. He hates to hear the word "love." He despises his mother for just one reason - he believes that she killed his father even though he had crashed in a plane that had killed a thousand of people.Eretia, a mermaid, a lady of the ocean who has special singing powers that is enough to hear the words of the sea. She washes up to the shore of a sea, injured and alone - far away from home. She is found by a young surgeon who is kind enough to bring her into his home.And soon enough, Knox Martins meets Eretia who happens to be a hired maid by his mom after she makes a deal to reconcile both mother and son.Will the relationship between the earth and the sea ever get the chance to bloom? Or will it whither away when they are apart in their separate worlds.
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