Chapter 6 - A Baby For Billionaire Knox

THEME: Psycho lady

Adella bursted out of the hospital exit door, it was late in the night. The area was so busy as she walked on and her eyes kept looking around in excitement. She giggled at the sight of the people she saw on the streets. "What's your name?" She asked no one in particular.

Five high school girls laughed as they passed by Adella. She studied them closely and she realized that she was different from them, totally different from most on the people on the street. They were neatly and nicely dressed like the ones she used to see those times she swam up to the beach . And to Adella she didn't care about her look instead it was an affirmation that she was truly in the human world and that she wasn't just dreaming.

"Yes! I am in the human world!" She screamed into the skies. "It is so beautiful in here!" She added with excitement in her tone.

The people around stared at her and they whispered into each others ears.

"I think she is crazy."

"She is from the mental home just take a look at the gown."

"Should we call the cops on her?"

Many handful comments she walked pass the humans but she wasn't moved by their words.

Adella walked faster, turning around with her head tossed back.

"I feel like a human!" Then she began to hum a song as she walked on.

I would be a good human

I would sing to myself the whole day

I would comb my hair with the comb of pearl.... Adella paused to think for a second.

"Comb of pearl? That's for my world." She scratched her hair. "There can't be comb of pearl here." She slapped her cheek. "Come on Adella, don't sing anything that might take you back to the merworld, you have to be careful." She said out loudly to herself.

I would be a good human

I would sing to myself the whole day

I would comb my hair with.. Adella paused again to figure what the humans use in keeping their hair clean but not occurred to her.

Adella continued with her eyes closed as she swirled around in excitement.

I will comb my hair with the human comb

And still as I comb it, I would sing and say,

I would be a good human

I would comb my hair till my ringlet could fall,

Low a down, low a down -

The song stopped abruptly when Adella bumped into someone and followed by a thud. A phone just dropped to the ground, shattering the screen in the process.

"Hey!" The person she bumped into shouted in sheer surprise as he bent down to pick up his cellphone.

Adella reopened her eyes quickly while the man she bumped into uttered a profanity. But she overlooked him and walked away without apologizing or even saying a word to him. Adella continued to hum her song in a low tone as she swirled herself around.

The man went after her, grabbed her clothes and pulled her back. "Hey miss -"

Adella jerked free from his grip. "Let me go!" she snapped at him.

He stood in front of her to block her pathway and then he couldn't help but take in her features. Adella's long brown hair swept over one shoulder, she had incredible bone structure and skin that was nothing less than luminous. Her full lips, nice nose and eyes with long thick lashes - they were aquamarine!

He noticed she was dressed in hospital gown and she was barefooted - No shoes. She must be insane, he concluded. Adella made an attempt to leave again but he blocked her pathway.

"You stepped aside.." Adella pointed at him stamping her feet on the ground.

"You should apologize miss." He said.

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