Chapter 5 - A Baby For Billionaire Knox

THEME: Oh my sea! I have legs!


"How are you feeling now?" Doctor Oliver's soft voice stunned her out of thought.

She looked up at him without saying a word. Adella couldn't believe she was really in her dream world.

"Oh my sea! The human world was my dream world and now I am in it!" She exclaimed within herself. She was still finding it hard to believe it.

Doctor Oliver moved closer to the bed when she didn't respond to his uestion. "Can you hear me?" He asked.

"Unbelievable! A human is talking to me!" Adella thought with a wide eye.

Oliver held her wrist to feel her pulse and she was fine. Adella blinked severally. "Oh my sea! A human touched me!" She exclaimed within.

Oliver placed his hand on her forehead and her temperature was normal. "Oh my sea! His hand is so warm." She closed her eyes at his touch feeling his warmth.

Adella reopened her eyes when she couldn't feel Oliver's touch on her forehead again. "Wait.. do I have a tail?" She wondered.

"Her temperature is normal and she is fine." Doctor Oliver said the the nurse.

And while he was talking to the nurse about her vitals, Adella peered under the cover to see if she has a tail but she saw two long and beautiful legs.

Then she screamed. "Arggghhhh!" Her heart beating rapidly against her chest.

Oliver jumped in fear and turned to Adella as she screamed. "Are you okay?" He asked trying to calm her down.

Adella stopped screaming. "Miss, are you okay?" Oliver asked again.

Adella nodded impatiently and she looked again to be sure the legs are really there. "I have legs!" She screamed out again as she beat her chest gently.

Oliver didn't know what to do with her.

"Doctor, are you sure we don't need to check her in a mental home?" The nurse asked.

"All the test revealed that she is fine." Oliver answered.

Adella removed to soft cover over her leg to a better view. "Oh my sea, my legs are so beautiful." She covered her mouth.

Doctor Oliver raised an eyebrow at her words. "Well.. I.. I think you need to rest."

"No I am fine." she replied sharply. Adella moved her legs on the bed. Adella gasped out again as she was surprised that she could talk to a human and he responded.

"I really do have legs right?" Adella asked the doctor to be sure that she wasn't hallucinating.

Oliver was confused. "Yes, you have legs because you are a human. So as a human you need legs to walk." Oliver explained.

Adella relaxed. "Oh my sea! Now I am a human! I have legs to walk like a human and I can even talk like.. like.. like a human!" She blabbed. "I am a human!" She giggled.

"You should rest now." Doctor Oliver pushed her gently to rest her back on the bed and she did. "Miss, what is your name?" He asked.

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