Chapter 2 - A Baby For Billionaire Knox

THEME: Beauty of the media

Betty Lawson pressed the doorbell outside Martin's family home. The door opened and she was welcomed by a maid whom she recognized to be Rachel. "Good morning, Miss Betty." Rachel greeted cheerfully.

"Good morning, Rachel." Betty replied as she walked into the luxurious living room. "Where is Mrs Elaina?" She asked.

"She is in her bedroom." Rachel answered.

"Please tell her I am around." Betty sniffed.

Rachel motioned towards Mrs Elaina's bedroom and she knocked on the door softly. "Ma'am, Miss Betty is here to see you." She said.

"Oh Betty!" Mrs Elaina said happily. She was preparing for her friend's birthday party. "Please tell Betty I will be out soon."

"Okay ma'am." Rachel replied and walked away.

Mrs Elaina Martins added blush to her cheeks before turning away from the mirror and she moved out of her room. She hoped to hear good news from Betty concerning Knox's birthday plans.

"Betty?" Mrs Elaina called.

Betty turned to face Elaina and she gasped in shock at the look on her face. "Oh my God Betty! What is wrong with you?" the old lady gasped out.

Betty's face was swollen from tears. She had cried all the way from Knox's beach house down to his family home. "Knox -" Her voice trailed and she swallowed hard to get the lump pass her throat.

"What did he do to you?" Elaina demanded with the worried look on her face.

"He.. he.. he.." Her voice broke off

"No.. please don't tell him my son hit you." Elaina said.

Betty didn't respond and all she did was cry. "Wait.. let me get my purse. I will go to his house right now and talk sense into his head... and I better call the cops on him too." Elaina said, annoyance clear in her tone.

She was almost leaving for her room when Betty spoke up. "No don't call the cops, Knox didn't hit me." Betty wiped her tears with her fingertips.

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