The Challenge Two Alphas,One Girl

The Challenge Two Alphas,One Girl

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Chapter: 101
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Synopsis about The Challenge Two Alphas,One Girl

Friday is born a she-wolf but her eighteenth birthday passes without her phasing, officially making her wolf-less. The Alpha of the Marigold Wolf Pack, Maze, is her fated mate but he rejects her for being a wolf-less she-wolf. The Pack treats her like the scum of the earth. She is not even allowed to attend the Peace Treaty Celebration where the Alpha of the Berryndale Pack, a more powerful Aly, visits. In a twist of fate, visiting Alpha Thaddeus lays his eyes on her and realises she is his mate. Friday has been given a second chance mate after being rejected! She fears being rejected again but Alpha Thaddeus is lovesick and ready to make her his Luna, wolf-less or not. The only problem is Alpha Maze realises he doesn’t want to let her go. The Alphas enter into the Challenge: they have 30 days to win her heart. Friday must make the final decision. Will she forgive Maze or forge a new destiny with Thaddeus?
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