Chapter 9 - The Challenge Two Alphas,One Girl

Friday’s POV

The feast passed by uneventfully. I was physically and emotionally exhausted. My room was at the end of the Alpha floor, furthest from the stairs. It was gorgeous, very similar to the room Thaddeus was staying in. The adjacent master bathroom had a huge shower that spouted water from all sides and the ceiling. The bathtub was big enough to fit several people. I decided to take a bath, relaxing in the warm water. Saturday was busy inspecting his new territory. I had just gotten out of the bath when I heard a knock on the door of my bedroom. I put on a plush robe I had found and opened the door.

Alpha Maze seemed surprised to see me in nothing but a bathrobe.

“I was in the middle of getting ready for bed, excuse my attire, Alpha Maze,” I said as formally as I could.

He was eyeing the shape of my body under the robe, his grey eyes darkening. He was aroused!

“May I come in?” He said.

I bit my lip. “S