Chapter 3 - The Challenge Two Alphas,One Girl

Thaddeus’ POV

I was not particularly looking forward to meeting Alpha Maze of Marigold. I had heard that he was arrogant. However, Marigold was an Aly to Berryndale. As the Alpha of Berryndale, it was my duty to attend the Peace Treaty Celebration. The Berryndale Pack was twice the size of the Marigold Pack so I knew they would be eager to accommodate the leaders of such a pack.

I yawned, stretching out, almost hitting my Beta, Theodore, in the face. Theo grumbled at me but said nothing. He yawned too, his blue eyes watering. He ran his fingers through his blonde hair. We had been best friends from birth and ascended to Alpha and Beta together, being roughly around the same age. I had first phased at seventeen, which was almost unheard of. Eighteen was the age for literally every other werewolf in our territory. I shot up to just shy of seven feet tall after I phased early. She-wolves were eager for my attention and I constantly scanned their faces, searching for my mate. Whilst Fate had blessed me in one respect, she denied me in another. I was twenty-five years old, eight years after my phase, and still no sign of my mate.

I got out from the car eager to stretch my legs. I towered over everyone who came to greet us which was not easy to do with werewolves. I ran my fingers through my dark hair. I had not cut it in a while, too busy with my travels. It was just past my shoulders. Maybe, they had a good barber in Marigold. Theo needed a haircut too.

Alpha Maze was only a few inches shorter than me. He shook my hand and led me and my Beta inside. I had left my Gamma in Berryndale to keep things under control at home but I had brought six of my best warriors with me for protection. In Berryndale our best warriors were stronger than most packs’ alphas. We were known for our combat and were thus, a very desirable Aly to other packs. Every pack I visited rolled out the red carpet treatment and Marigold was no exception.

However, none of that mattered to me. I was always disappointed after meeting a new pack and realising my mate was not among them. Was I mate-less?

“Alpha Thaddeus, it is truly an honour,” the Marigold Beta, Fang Fenestra, said, grinning from ear to ear.

He showed me to my room. I would be in the guest room on the fifth floor, the Alpha’s floor.

“I’m right across the hall, if you need anything,” said Alpha Maze. He was the only person besides me who was not upbeat. His eyes looked tired and his expression was grim every time he was not directly responding to a question.

Maybe all Alphas are prone to being glum.

“Where is the Luna?” I asked, assuming he had one. He was younger than me, around twenty-two but most met their mates at eighteen or at least by age twenty-one.

“There is no Luna,” he said. Momentarily, his expression faltered. That was strange. I felt like he was lying to me. What a stupid thing to lie about? Who hides their Luna?

“So you haven’t found your mate yet, either?” said Theo.

“Either?” Said Maze, avoiding the question. “You don’t have one then,” he said to Theo.

“No, I do,” he said. “My beautiful lady is home and I’m here,” he said, glaring at me.

I rolled my eyes. I usually brought my Gamma, Westwood, and left Theo at home with his Ida but my Gamma had recently found his mate, just two weeks ago. She was human and terrified and it seemed heartless to let her stay in Berryndale, a strange place, without the werewolf who brought her there. Ida was a tough she-wolf, probably tougher than her mate, Theo, and they had been together seven years. She stayed behind, with Theo’s first-born.

“Is there anywhere I can get a haircut around here?” I mumbled, bored with this conversation.

“Yeah,” said Fang suddenly. “My sister cuts my hair. And my brothers’ hair.”

“Bring her to me,” I said.

“No,” said Alpha Maze sharply.

I stiffened. No one ordered me about, not even other alphas.

“I mean, she is not allowed in the pack house,” said Maze, refusing to meet my gaze.

“Is she dangerous or something?” I inquired.

Fang laughed. “Friday? She’s tiny,” said Fang. “But, yeah, we go to her house and take the clippers.”

“I’ll take you,” said Fang helpfully.

“And the reason she doesn’t come here is?” I demanded. These people were avoiding my questions. What was wrong with them? They were shady.

“Because she’s wolf-less,” Fang said, avoiding my eyes when he said it, as though it were something shameful.

“Ok,” I said. These people were as arrogant and narrow-minded as my father had described. Being wolf-less was unfortunate but it was not a crime.

“In my pack, we protect our wolf-less. Some of us have great strength and that is a gift so that we may protect the weak,” I said to them.

Maze looked shocked. There was another emotion in his eyes but he quickly masked it and nodded.

“I insist that you bring her here,” I said.

“I agree,” said Theo.

Maze said, “Fine. Bring her here.” He did not look at any of us. He went to his room and shut the door.

Fang quickly departed to fetch his sister, leaving me with Theo and my warriors.

Theo snorted with laughter.

He’s so uptight, that alpha, Theo said through our mind-link.

I chuckled and went to my room to wait on this poor shunned wolf-less girl.Chapter 4: Humiliated and Heartbroken