Sky's Rejection

Sky's Rejection

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Chapter: 77
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Synopsis about Sky's Rejection

Sky loses her parents at a young age, being left in the care of her older brother, who does not treat her the best. Everyone blames Sky for their death but how can a three year old be the cause of her own parents death. Sky is a Werewolf and the one thing she can not wait for is to meet her mate. The way she sees mates love each other around her, the way her parents were so deeply unattachable from each other and all the stories she remembers hearing. She hopes her mate will complete her and finally make her feel whole again. What will happen to Sky if she is rejected? She was always told you only get one mate and that's it, is that true? ©2021/2022 Kristine Wolcott/ Stary PTE. LTD. All Rights Reserved.
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