Chapter 5 - Sky's Rejection

(Sky's POV)

I can't stop.

I need to keep moving.

Do not stop till Angel is back.

These words and thoughts is what has me still going. These words are what makes me not look back and not stop for rest, no matter how exhausted or sore I am.

Never stop.

I have been running for hours, just following the northern star, like Angel said. I haven't seen any other packs or wolves for that matter, not that I am complaining. No one wants to run in to a pack of wolves or rogues when their wolf is currently unavailable. I am still in the woods and I just wish to rest.

I honestly was praying to hit a human town by now so I could at least eat, though then I may upset Angel. I don't exactly know what I should do when the sun comes up though, will I still be able to go north with no guidance. I honestly just wish Angel was back with me, but I know there is no way she has recovered yet. I still feel her presence within me. Making my panic stay away for the time being. At least until I run in to some one or some thing and am forced to face it on my own. Though my exhaustion and hunger are slowly catching up to me, my panic is stopping my body from letting them affect me.

Though I am sure I smell like a wolf less rogue right now. I could only imagine the smell and sight I am.

Run, keep running girl, I kept telling myself every time I want to stop to rest, stop to find food, stop to cry my heart out. I didn't know where I was going but I didn't want to look back from where I have been. Angel wouldn't be okay with that. She always says 'keep moving forward, there is nothing behind us only the wonderful possibilities in front of us'. It's too dark to really see anything other than the bright star I am following and the moonlight is unfortunately being blocked by the thick trees. Though the good part about that is the darkness is keeping me hidden from any thing or any one that may come after me. The snow had melted and the ground was muddy and slippery. Sometimes I would stumble on a branch or a rock and thankfully manage to keep myself up but other times I would fall and cut myself. Of course I would just grit my teeth through the pain and get back up to keep on running, like Angel wants. She's stronger than me, she could keep these dark thoughts away and keep the positive thinking in any situation. I was running like there was no tomorrow. I wanted to put everything behind me and go as far as my feet could carry me.

I recall every thing I am leaving behind. Feeling the loss of my Goddess given mate, the loss of my parents pack, the loss of my only living relative. I recall the dreams and fairy tales I wished to have with my mate, the way he would hold me close to him, the way he would gaze at me with loving and caring eyes, the way he would protect me from any fear or danger that came my way. I recall the dreams I had of my parents never dying, the way they never stopped treating me as a princess, the way they were proud of my wolf and the young lady I grew into. Some times, when I close my eyes, I can still feel them with me. It is as if they never left.

"Ouch." I whine as I fall on to my butt after running in to something hard. I guess it wasn't the smartest idea to close my eyes while running in the woods. The peaceful feeling that over comes me every time I think of my parents is always worth it, alright maybe not this time. I rub my forhead, trying to get the dizziness from hitting Goddess knows what away from my head. I really wish Angel could heal me right now.

I open my eyes and see a tree standing in front of me, of course I hit a tree. What else could it be Sky, if it was a person I am sure they would have killed me by now.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I sigh, trying to make the exhaustion that's forcing to over take my mind go away. I can't stop now. I must keep going. Goddess please give me the strength to get up and keep going, I prayed.

What is that? Some thing shiny over near those vines, I know I should just keep moving and not go check it out but my curiosity is getting the better of me. I was always to curious for my own good.

Its a fence, may be I should turn back but at the same time why is it covered with so many vines and bushes? What are they hiding? I make my way towards the hole in the fence. It's overgrown with vines and leaves, making it hard to get a good look of what is behind it. Is that an abandoned house?

The path to the abandoned house is covered with brown leaves, slush from the melted snow and I struggle to keep from slipping as I walk up the path. I shouldn't be doing this but I want to know if there is food inside or at least a blanket. To go this far with nothing is crazy, why didn't I bring my beaten up car? What made me think running by foot would be such a good idea again?

By now all the trees are leafless, which helps me see farther down the path. I approach my destination, an empty open meadow within the woods, and I sit observing the only house I have came upon during this whole run. What if rogues are hiding here to keep warm? What if it belongs to a pack? Don't be ridiculous Sky, I sniff the area again and there are no scents around. Your a Werewolf, act like it. Have a back bone.

The old house seemed to have grown from the ground as an ancient seed of perfect nature born to blossom. Almost like a little gingerbread house like nothing I have ever seen before in the woods. As if the walls are literally molded with the trees, creating the perfect camouflage. The details were remarkably intact for an abandoned house, why would any one want to leave a place like this?

Okay, it's creepy and sends chills down my back, but it's perfectly hidden and has a homey inviting feeling to its surroundings.Almost like a trap.

I am surrounded by a whole bunch of barren trees; I am in a dead, urban jungle. It is almost as if I stepped through the fence in to another world, one not welcoming or expecting any visitors. This place feels like it was once thriving with life, but now it is all but empty. From this spot I can see every thing. The sun is beginning to rise and the windows of the forgotten house is giving off a powerful glare. The sky is a mix of oranges and reds, looking as if it's straight out of a painting. The dark clouds are motionless, expecting the world around them to come make them disappear by the bright streams of light, so they can go to sleep. I sit and revel in the beautiful scene nature and man created, Angel would be disappointed if she knew I stopped like this. I guess I should get moving, I stand up dusting my self off as I look around me. Wait, which way was I heading and which way did I just come from?

Great, now I'm lost.

"Who's There?" A deep throated voice says from some where behind me, a slight Alpha's tone floating around his voice, causing me to whip in every direction, as shock vibrates through my body.

How did I not smell him?