Chapter 4 - Sky's Rejection

(Sky's POV)

I look around, stunned that he can so easily reject me. As if the mate bond never meant a thing to him.

'Tell him your full name Sky, we don't need him nor want him after all of this. If he can not see our worth and potential he isn't worthy of us. The Moon Goddess made a mistake, she will bless us with a new mate, I am sure of it.' Angel says with pride and determination. Her ego may be the reason we live alone forever. Do I want to live a life with someone who doesn’t want me though?

I wish I could believe her but I know second chance mates are only a myth. Though if she does not want to be stuck with this jerk, then neither do I.

"Sky Royal Hollow." I whisper as I wonder why my wolf is so calm about this rejection. Aren't our wolves suppose to live and breath their mates?

He gasps in complete and utter shock, I am sure he was not expecting that I am an Alpha's daughter. He then quickly composes himself as he begins to speak again, "Sky Royal Hollow, as my Goddess given mate and Luna for Woodland Pack."

The pain was quick to make itself known inside my heart and deep in my soul, slicing through my chest like a blade. I clenched my jaw and lean my back against the wall behind me, trying really hard not to fall to my knees and scream out in pain. Angel is helping with all her strength to make the pain bearable for me and keep our face void of any emotions.

'We are not weak, we will not show any reaction or sorrow for this disgusting Alpha in front of any one.' Angel growls with so much anger it scares me that this rejection may change my sweet and loving wolf.

I laugh in his face humorlessly, as I spat, "Your a pathetic excuse for an Alpha and one day your pack will fall and suffer because of your lack of maturity. Packs and Alpha's grow stronger with their true Luna."

He flinched in response to my harsh tone and words, but then slowly recovers, trying to mask his pain, "No pack would survive with a whore of a Luna like you, every one will be better off if you were dead." His face hardened with anger, telling me that it was time for me to leave here before he decided to do something more harsh than throwing words at me.

'I need you to accept the rejection, Sky. It will hurt but we will die if you don't.' Angel says in a panic, I am sure she feels I am ready to bolt.

'Will you be okay though? Can't a full rejection kill you, I can not lose you Angel.' I reply in confusion as I try to figure a way around my wolf’s death, their is no point of me living if I do not have my best friend with me.

'Of course I will be fine and I would never leave you Sky, no matter what. I just may be quiet for a while, so I can recover. Do not panic.' Angel says sweetly and with so much love and reassurance. No matter what she is always helping me and my anxiety, even when she's in pain.

"I, Sky Royal Hollow, daughter of the late Alpha Harry Hollow and late Luna Sandra Hollow, full heartedly accept your rejection, ALPHA Xander Lee Woodland." I say with as much strength and determination as I can muster up. I mockingly called him Alpha, because honestly would a real Alpha treat his mate like this and would they risk their pack by rejecting their only real Goddess given mate? In my opinion no, my father would have killed him for hurting me and being so irresponsible.

'It is time to leave, Sky. We must go before any one sees us.' Angel says, as she goes into full protective mode and not letting any tiny noise get by us. She doesn't want to have to fight at this point but she will if it is the only way to leave this pack.

'What about school?' I ask, I have a year and a few months left to go. I hate to miss it. Even if I am not treated right there, I love learning new things.

'We can not risk being found out, you study better on your own. We will finish on our own.' Angel says hurriedly. I know she wants me to start going now, we really can't handle a fight in this state.

I watch as Xander drops to his knees, roaring loudly in pain. He is going to get the attention of every one from the party if he keeps going, then my brother will punish me. No, no I need to get out of here. I watch in shock as his eyes begin to flip between his deep brown and his wolf's golden color. His wolf eyes are so beautiful, I can't think about that right now though. I take off away from the scene in front of me, I have to get out of here. I head out the front door of the pack house, running straight in to the thick, heavily bushed, dark woods. Hoping and praying to the Goddess that I get off the pack grounds before any one notices I have left, or worse Alpha Xander tells my brother what happened. I widen my eyes in panic and push my body to increase my speed. No matter how out of breath I feel or how much my legs are burning and begging me to stop I have to keep going.

'I don't know how much longer I can hold on with you. Though I will try to keep as much of the rejection pain with me for now. Just keep going and do not stop. Reject the Alpha and the pack when you hit the boarders of the pack grounds and then keep going north, Remember no matter what, DO NOT STOP.' Angel tells me sternly, I know she means it. Our life is in danger if I stop and she is not with me. Rogues, other packs, hunters. So much I could run in to with out her. Who knows what is waiting out there for us.

I run the two hundred miles and hit the boarders, I turn back towards the pack and breath deeply. I have this. "I, Sky Royal Hollow, hereby denounce my loyalty and life to Hollow Blue Pack.” I take a deep breath, trying to hurry the process. “I, Sky Royal Hollow, reject and hereby denounce my loyalty to Alpha Henry Hollow." I whisper out, hoping no one could hear me or figure out where I am. I feel the pain in my head, from the pack link breaking away from me and a sharp pain in my heart from rejecting my birth pack. I fall to my knees, holding my chest. Between the dull ache Angel couldn't take away from the mate bond and the loss of my pack, it hurts and is killing me to try and breath through all of this.

"I have to keep going, Angel said don't stop." I whisper to myself, as I pull myself up on to shaky legs and push myself forward. I can't stop, I need to keep moving. Do not stop till Angel is back. I keep chanting to myself. I follow the northern star, honestly praying that I am going in the direction she wanted me too.

My fear is keeping me moving as my body weakens with every second that passes. Has my brother noticed I am gone yet? Did Xander tell him what had happened? Did he feel me break the link? Who am I kidding, of course he did. All Alphas do. The loneliness creeping through my mind as I miss the presence of my wolf.

My legs ache. My chest burns. My vision has black spots floating around. I don’t know if I can go any further.