Chapter 1 - A Surrogate For Billionaire

After they left I looked at my father who was still standing in front of me while looking at me with a forced smile.

“Dad..” I said as he sighed.

“Your grandma’s wish is to see a great-grandchild before she dies so do it. I know what you’re feeling right now. I’m sorry son” He looked at me with a sad face and left the room.

“Fuck” I cursed. Then I started to get ready and go to the office. I was late because of this grandma’s drama. As I went out of my house my chauffeur came and greeted me. I nodded at him.

“Sir, which car do you want to use today?” He asked. Urghh... I hate this. Why can’t this man just choose a car and come to me?

“The car I always use and remember it’s Rolls Royce ghost. If you ever ask me this question again I’ll cut your tongue” He looked at me with a terrified look and nodded. What the fuck? I was just joking. Shit. I had so much work today and I was reading some documents. Then my chauffeur suddenly stopped the car.

“Sir an old woman is crossing the road,” He said as I looked at the road and saw an old woman crossing the road. I nodded at him looked out of the window and saw something that made my heartbeat increase. A woman…..

She was walking out of the hospital and she was wiping her eyes. Crying? Then she suddenly looked in my direction. I felt she was looking at me but I knew she can’t see me because of the window of this car. After a few seconds, she looked away and walked away. Damn, she was fucking gorgeous. The way she looked in my direction is .. Damn. I don’t know how to explain. She got waist-length natural light brown hair and grey color eyes. Fuck.. Why do I feel this way so suddenly? Shit. I forced myself to forget that feeling as the car started to move forward.

After a few minutes, I came into my office and took off my coat as I threw it away. I again looked back and saw it had already landed on the floor. I sighed and again picked it up and placed it on the sofa. Then a woman came into my office room. What the fuck? How dare she?

“Who the fuck sent you here?” I asked because I was fucking furious.

“President... I came here to ask if you want anything?” What the fucking hell? She smiled seductively. Ha… did she come to seduce me?

“I need you to fuck of from my sight and you’re fired,” I said as she looked at me with a shocked face.

“Pr..president. I'' Is she showing me her pitiful face? Puffy.

“Fuck off” I shouted as she ran out of my office while wiping her tears. She deserved it.

Then I sat on my chair and started to read the documents that I was reading in the morning. Suddenly, those grey eyes appeared in my mind. Damn did she use some spells on me? Shit. This is the fucking first time.

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