Chapter 2 - A Surrogate For Billionaire

I thought I was ready and I knew this day would come soon but I’m not ready yet, I’m just scared. I couldn’t even see anything because my eyes were covered with a long black satin and also my hands were tied up. The scariest thing is it’s raining and thundering heavily. After some time I heard someone’s footsteps coming towards me and I knew he was the man that I’m going to lose my virginity. Then I heard his cloth removing sound. I knew he was looking at me and I could feel his burning gaze on me. No words could describe the fear that my heart was feeling right now. I started to bite my bottom lip because I wanted to calm down. I felt him as he came and climbed onto me as he placed himself on top of me. I could feel his scent and it made my heart beat so fast, It was the smell of damn expensive perfume. I was pulled back from my thoughts as he started to remove my nightgown. My body began to tremble because I was scared so I clutched the bedsheet so tightly.

“Scared?” He asked huskily against my ear. Damn.. he can’t be an old man. His voice is just young but that didn’t ease my fear.

“Can.. can you remove this blindfold, sir?” I asked as I heard his voice again.

“No. You shouldn’t see me” He said and parted my legs while placing himself between my legs. He made me wrap my legs around his torso, with that I felt a sharp pain between my legs. So finally it happened. I bit my bottom lip so hard because I didn’t want to let out any voice. He waited for a few seconds and tears came out of my eyes as he started to move. It hurts….

“Ca..can I touch you, sir? It hurts” I found myself crying because I wanted something strong to depend so he untied my hands.

“Of course” Without thinking I hugged him so tightly and buried my face against his neck. His strong scent filled my nose and for some unknown reason, I liked it. Suddenly, he started to move fast and I wanted to scream but I forced my voice not to come out so again I bit my bottom lip so hard. I felt I was an object that he uses to vent his desire, I felt like I was a cheap woman who sells her own body for money but I should be strong because I’m giving myself to save a life. Then he gently touched my body and kissed my head, I was surprised and my heart also started to beat even faster. I let go of his neck and laid back because I was just tired.

“Don’t bite your lips. Already bleeding” I heard his voice through his heavy breathing. I nodded at him because that woman told me to be obedient. I heard him chuckle and suddenly he kissed me. WHAT? I never expected him to kiss me and it was my first kiss. My heartbeat increased and I just didn’t think that he would kiss me. It was a gentle kiss, unintentionally my hands wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer to me as he pushed his tongue inside of my mouth. Then his kisses slowly moved to my neck and downwards……………… It was a long night for me.

The next day I woke up and no one was in the room. I got up from the bed and saw the huge blood patch on it. My virginity is gone. I just wanted to give it to a person I love but I had to give it to a man I never knew. I sighed and took a step forward as I screamed unintentionally.

“Ahhh.” I fell down and without knowing tears came out of my eyes. It hurts between my legs. That man is a beast with high stamina as hell. How many times did he do that? I don’t even know, thank god I fell asleep.

“What happened?” I heard that woman’s voice as I looked up at her. Her eyes were traveling through my body. I felt embarrassed feeling because of the look she gave.

“I. I fell” I spoke and tried to get up but I couldn’t.

t myself through the bathroom mirror and saw the hickeys filled body and messy hair. I forced myself to smile because I did this for my little brother. I took a shower and came out. I wanted to see Noah as soon as poss

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nd opened it. I felt happy because they gave me money as they told me. Now I can pay for

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my brother’s ward. I went in and saw he was still sleeping. I can’t, I just can’t hold my tears back as I saw him. I kissed his forehead and took his notebook and a pen as I wrote that I love him

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nd at that time I was pregnant for two months already. So he got me pregnant that night. I sig

me into the room. She was holding a huge fruit plate and what my attention caught was papaya. I suddenly wanted to vomit. A disgusting feeling ran through my body but why? I ate papaya before.