Chapter 0 - A Surrogate For Billionaire

~ Julianna ~

“Juli are you alright?” I heard my little brother Noah’s voice. I wanted to cry. I’ll never be alright without him because I have no money to spend on his disease. Shit.

“I’m alright darling. What do you wanna eat?” I asked him as he came to me and hugged me.

“I need bread with cheese Juli” I looked down at his small body and my heart tightened because how am I supposed to save him. I love him and I can’t even think about a day without him. I smiled at him and nodded before going into the kitchen. After breakfast, I went to the hospital with Noah. As I entered the hospital I saw doctor Peterson. He did and helped everything about Noah.

“Good morning little one,” He said with a smile and Noah giggled happily because he liked this doctor Peterson.

“Good morning Pete” Noah joked as he ran towards the doctor. Then he picked up Noah and nodded at me before going into Noah’s ward. After some time doctor Peterson came.

“Julianna, can I talk to you for a moment?” He asked and I nodded but this is the thing that I fear the most in this life. I have no idea what the doctor wants to tell me but I knew it was all about Noah’s health. Maybe the news will be good or bad but I was just scared.

“Noah’s health is getting worse. We should do the surgery as soon as possible” My heart shattered into pieces as I heard him. Unintentionally tears welled in my eyes. Why did this happen to us?

“Julianna, I know you have money problems. I’m so sorry” Doctor Peterson patted my shoulder. I sighed because no matter what, I’m going to find the money for his surgery and make him better.

“Doctor I’ll find the money,” I said as I wiped my tears.

“You have a maximum of ten months. It will be great if you could find it soon” I nodded and looked at Noah through the glass wall and he was smiling at a nurse while chatting. I can’t let anything happen to him because he’s the only person that I have.

“Noah should stay in the hospital from today onwards.” I was still looking at Noah. He’s just so cute and he will be a handsome man in the future so as his sister I should just protect him.

“Alright doctor” With that I went into Noah’s ward and sat on the bed next to him.

“Am I dying Juli?” I forced my tears back because I didn’t want to cry in front of him. I smiled forcefully and took him onto my lap as I started to caress his silky dark brown hair.

“No. You’re going to recover so soon?” I kissed his head and rested my chin on his head.

“That’s great” He started to giggle. I clenched my jaws because I didn’t want to cry. My heart was hurting and it felt like someone was squeezing my heart so tightly.

“I love you so much Noah,” I said while kissing his little cheek.

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