Chapter 2 - A Night With My Boss


*Everything happened so fast but one thing is for sure: I have been kidnapped, but who could want to kidnap me? , Am just so confused. *

*They pushed me into a room and locked me up, not long after the door opened and she walked in*

"wait!!! what? Skyler!!!" I said out loud

"Yes baby doll it's me"

"But what have I done to you?" I asked

"Well turns out Alex found out he loves you and was coming to get you back today, I had to stop that from happening baby, else he will cancel the wedding...." she said

"You low life bitch, you are so disgusting" I spat at her.....

"Well we will see about that," she replied.

"You know you are just so pathetic, you know I will beat you to comma if at all you double-cross me that's why you sent some men after me, what a loser," I said

Just then Skyler phone rang, "Stupid human with the stupid ringing tone," I said hissing.

"What! no-no-no this can't be happening" she shouted.

"Am going to kill you Petra, am going to kill you," she said shouting again as she stormed out of the room...

*What could be up with that bitch, I thought *

"Eva!!! Alex just called off the wedding," I heard her cry from the other end of the door...

*Oh so I see, well! well! well! so much good news in this state... *

*Did Alex call off the wedding because of me? Does he truly love me? .... *

*No, I am not sure who am I kidding, maybe for some other reasons. I thought*


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