Chapter 3 - A Night With My Boss

( seeing her brought back memories )


Soon I was discharged and we drove back home...

"We will leave you two alone," Ari said and went up with Liam...

"Am so sorry kitten," Alex said and went down to his knees.

"I know I offended you, I said harsh words but am so sorry, I realised I am madly in love with you baby. Pls forgive me," he begged.

"It's okay Alex," I said and supported him...

"Will you go out for dinner with me tonight plssss?..." He asked

"Okay fine," I said

He pulled me into a hug, it felt so warm and it made me remember how much I truly loved him...

"So I guess all is well now," we heard Liam voice from behind...

We chuckled, "okay Liam let's get going now" Alex voiced out... "See you at 8 kittens," he added and they left...

"Oh girl you are blushing" Ari squealed

"Don't be a dramatic girl"

"He called you a kitten and he said see you by 8. What does that mean?" she asked

"Well we have a date," I replied

She started jumping around the house.

*What a drama queen, I thought... Then my mind drifted back to Eva, what has she got to be close to Skyler? seeing her made me realise just how much I have missed her....*

"You are crying girl," Ari said bringing me out of my thought

"No I am not," I replied, cleaning my eyes...

"You are thinking about Eva right?" she asked and I nodded

"Well what she did, really shows that there is still some good in her....."

"How exactly did we drift apart this much," I smiled out of tears.

"Come here girl, all will be well," she replied, drawing me into a tight hug......


"Hey man, you need to help me out," I said to Liam.

"Really!! what's that?" he asked.

"Well dude I have a date with my kitten tonight," I said.

"Wait man, your kitten?" Liam asked.

"Yea, Petra, dude".

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