Chapter 1 - A Night With My Boss


"Who does Alex think he is, he is thinking of calling off the wedding because of that slut of a PA"

"arrrrghhhhhhh..." I screamed.

"Who told you that Skyler?" Eva asked.

"I went to his house to give him a surprise visit and I heard him talking to that fool Liam," I shouted.

"Hey don't call Liam a fool, you know I kinda have a crush on him" Eva replied.

"Typical you Eva, he won't even look at you for once so stop dreaming..." I said.

"He is going to see her next tomorrow, I will make sure she disappears till the wedding is over, that fool can't steal my man away from me," I added with a smirk.

I placed a call to one of my men, "yes boss" he answered from the other end of the phone.

"I will send u a picture now to find out where she lives and what her movements are like, you will kidnap her early in the morning to the warehouse, the day after tomorrow and I will tell u what to do next..."

"Ok ma'am" he replied.

With that, I disconnected the call...

"You are such a bad baby doll," Eva said.

"So are you, that's why you are my bestie" I winked at her.

She strolled toward the bar and poured some drinks..." cheers to your first success" she said and handed me a glass.

"Cheers," I replied and smiled...

New day


"So when are you going for your check-up sweetie?" Ari asked.

"Well it's tomorrow but I am not just feeling right about it, I feel kinda weird maybe I should just skip it," I replied.

"No you shouldn't, all is going to be well, you need to check the baby's health, ok I will come with you," Ari replied.

"Are you sure you want to come?" I asked

"Yes, bestie anything for you.." She replied and we hugged.

"I love you.." I whispered.


"Father, it's been a while since you left us now. We miss you a lot."

"Dad, I finally realised I am in love with her. I can't wait to see her tomorrow so I can apologise and things would be okay between us. I even wrote a speech and tried practising my dialogue with her tomorrow. That's how eager I am, papa. Let me read it to you..."

*That tear in your eyes is because of me,*

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go and give

se this won't

to keep you happ

I am s

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forgive me and let me love

blew, "I love you Dad," I s

tell you how it went, old man...

s got a nice hot shape and she dresses to kill to work, swe



t want to be late for your appointm

in a jiffy but I still don't fe

regnancy hormones that are making you fee

out 30 minutes of driving we got there, we strolled into the doctor's office as w

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"even at pregnancy you still look hot, n

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